Photo by Sara Spilling.

Norwegian DJ and producer Svani conjures street party atmospheres with her blend of mainstream pop and R&B with underground beats and flavours. Over the past three years, Svani’s status as an eclectic selector has been established, as she indulges audiences with memorable hooks and uplifting club edits.

Svani has found herself on several radio and online music platforms, dropping mixes based around different emotions and themes. Saint Audio hosted Svani’s latin music-centred mix at the peak of summer 2018, and she also DJ'd for Boiler Room as part of London Fashion Week. She has made mixes for Rinse FM and Truants, who wrote that “[h]er mixes purvey that special kind of club vibe that makes you smile and nod to your friends before stupidly punching the air in joy.”

As If We Were Unique

Panorama Bar, Fri 25.01.2019, 23:59

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