Fear Anger Love

CTM Magazine 2017

This 96-page publication presents diverse points of entry into CTM 2017's Fear Anger Love theme via essays and articles authored by music journalists, researchers, theorists, and participating artists.

The magazine brings together diverse voices exclaiming, confronting, examining and encompassing aspects of the Fear Anger Love theme. Including portraits and interviews of individual artists, collectives and scenes, the collection of works explore the ways in which music and its effects have and can be harnessed by society and authorities, as well as individual and collective efforts to undermine, appropriate and decolonize such control.

The CTM 2017 Magazine costs 9 € and is available in Berlin at Motto. Anyone outside Berlin can order the magazine online via the Motto Online Shop.

Design & layout by Marius Rehmet of Vojd.


Fear Anger Love – CTM Magazine 2017

Edited by CTM Festival and Jan Rohlf
Published by DISK – Initiative Bild & Ton e.V., 2017
ISBN 978–3–9817928–3–6
96 pages, paperback




Towards Another Form of Love
By Jan Rohlf

Why Musical Emotions are Special
By Mats Küssner

Bad Vibrations: Fear, Anger and Love in Medical Panics about Music
By James Kennaway

The Sound of Fear
By Lawrence English

Losing Control
Kurt Hentschläger in conversation with G. Roger Denson

How NON Worldwide is "Decolonizing the Dancefloor"
By Kevin Lozano

Anger, Love and Fear. For an Affected Counterpublic
By Ewa Majewska

The Becoming-Island of Media
By Kristoffer Gansing

Constellations of Anarchy: Making Sense of the (Post-) Nation Through Sound
By Alejandro L. Madrid

Imaginary Stories
By Guillermo Galindo

By Ariel Guzik

Underground Tehran: Techno & Experimental Electronic Music in Iran
By Mollie Zhang

Pan Daijing – Calling Out
Pan Daijing in conversation with Samuel Savenberg

Never Just One Thing
Endgame in conversation wtih Guy Schwegler & Léonard Vonlanthen