Polymorphism #13 x PAN

Berghain, Am Wriezener Bahnhof, 10243 Berlin Map
Tickets: 14 €


23:59 08:00

M.E.S.H. (live)
Lee Gamble (live)
Helena Hauff 
JM Moser

Longtime collaborators, CTM and PAN team up to present an evening exploring the dancefloor arm of a label renown for its radically open aesthetic demonstrating how established notions of genre are continually melting away within today’s electronic music landscape. The evening brings together artists with recent (and upcoming) releases on PAN, all of which play on the fringes of the dancefloor – with one foot rooted in body-propelling grooves and the other tip-toeing into experimental, forward-thinking explorations of the new.

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Lee Gamble is a UK-based artist and electronic music producer with roots in the original jungle-techno and extreme computer music fields. In 2012 he released a couple of highly acclaimed records via PAN, Dutch Tvashar Plumes and Diversions 1994-1996, that refracted dancefloor and home-listening dimensions into trippy new head-spaces which touched a raw nerve with ravers young and old(er). His new release KOCH represents an intimate and revelatory new phase in Lee Gamble’s practice. Producing tracks that can live and grow on their own in a club or personal listening environment, the artist’s exploratory framework creates threads of consistency and tension between disparate spaces, locations, and mental states. 

“Adventures in machine music built to make subs rattle and feet wiggle; a convoluted mess of elektrology and teknology, 3-step, bass-core, post windmill, proto-minimal wankstep, gondola, shithouse, acid wonk, no more, no less.” The introductory statement on Objekt’s website gives an immediate impression of a producer with a keen ear for finely crafted sound. Born in the UK but living in Berlin, Herz has worked as a programmer at Native Instruments for several years, all the while experimenting and honing his own sound until he felt 100% ready to unleash his first tracks onto the world. Aside from three self-published singles, Objekt has released original work on groundbreaking label Hessle Audio, and remixes for the likes of Cosmin TRG, Sbtrkt, Call Super, and Radiohead.The first Objekt full length release is scheduled for October 2014 via PAN. 

Helena Hauff has an aptitude for carbonizing dancefloors, cutting from dirty acid, Chicago house, and new/cold wave with devastatingly on-point dexterity. The Hamburg native honed her skills as a resident at the infamous Golden Pudel club, where she runs her own night, Birds and Other Instruments. Her collaborative EP with fellow PAN artist F#X as Black Sites, Prototype is set to be released this August on PAN.

South London based producer Visionist came through in 2011 after initial support from DJ Oneman with tunes like “Come In” & “Mr.67”. With a forthcoming release on PAN, Visionist blends different genres together but his music remains mainly routed back to grime, the genre he first started creating music in. The aesthetic is dark, the creation is playful.

The anodyne opulence of M.E.S.H. falls somewhere between hard dance and underground club music, and is characterized by deep bass and breakbeats, and double-process synthetic sheen. A resident DJ at Berlin’s Janus club night, the Berlin-based producer first gained traction in 2011 with the release of Share The Blame (Dyssembler), featuring an Arca remix of the track “On My Body”. His recent collaborations include a single for DFA star Dan Bodan, a remix for Fatima Al Qadiri, and a film score for Slovenian artist Aleksandra Domanović. M.E.S.H. appears in support of his recent Scythians EP, just out on PAN. 

The dark and driving dancefloor distortion of insider-tipped emerging artist Beneath aka Ben Walker immediately registers as a product of the UK underground. The Stoke-raised, London based producer’s stripped-back, floor-locked future steppers reference early grime and dubstep and more recent UK house and funky. Following a four-EP brace of white label releases on his own No Symbols imprint, the Illusions EP for Keysound recordings (2012), and a FACT mix, Walker rounded out 2013 with a mix for Rinse FM and two additional EPs, Strike a Pose / Bellz (Niche ‘n’ Bump) and Duty / Texers (Tectonic). Beneath’s PAN debut Vobes pushes the producer forward into some of the freshest accelerated UK dub/soundsystem culture, while using his new platform to take a step back and refigure his sound, incorporating shards of outside influence while keeping close to his early roots.

Founded in 2008, the Berlin-based PAN label fully embraces the radically open aesthetic of today’s music and art, highlighting a fascinating wealth of works across genres, generations, and scenes. With a selection of works inextricably tied to the personalities of label owner Bill Kouligas and his collaborator Mat Dryhurst, PAN delivers quality curatorial filters that enable listeners to find meaningful points of entry into today’s unlimited sound universes. Analogue synthesizer explorations, noise, improvisation, computer music and sound installations all have their place, as do abstract (and not) dance music journeys, rave deconstructions, and non-standard all-nighters. 

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Berlin based artists Objekt and M.E.S.H. are supported through CTM's Berlin Current initiative.

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Berlin Current is a collaborative initiative from CTM Festival, Berghain, Boiler Room Berlin, BLN.FM, No Fear of Pop, and ICAS. Sponsored by the Musicboard Berlin.

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