Berlin Current x Janus @ Unsound

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23:00 07:00

Amnesia Scanner
Total Freedom

CTM is proud to present a Berlin Current showcase in collaboration with Janus at Unsound Festival, featuring several artists from the initiative's ever-growing roster. The new sound of the city - Berlin Current presents young, unconventional, and experimental pop music from Berlin.

Janus parties in Berlin are an indication of the city’s changing demographic, with American expats putting on cross-pollinating and cross-genre nights that shake up Berlin’s techno-centric profile. For the club nights’ first excursion outside Berlin, Janus residents and Berlin Current artists M.E.S.H. – who just released this year’s Imperial Sewers on PAN, Lotic, and KABLAM are joined by genre-flattening music, sound, and genre-flattening Amnesia Scanner, itself a recent addition to the Berlin Current initiative. Face to Mind affiliate Total Freedom, known for his ability to imbibe R&B with a certain sense of horror, brings his special sound to round out a night of unabashedly-forward music.

Also part of the Berlin Current initiative but performing at a separate solo showcase alongside Cyclobe at Unsound on 18 October will be TCF, who produces lush and sprawling gravity-free compositions of breathtaking mastery and control.

The annual Unsound Festival promotes electronic, experimental and postclassical music as well as related visual arts. Expanding from its Krakow home base to hold regular festivals in New York and Adelaide, the festival has quickly developed a reputation for creating spaces for new collaborations, premieres, and forward-thinking music. Under the 2014 theme "The Dream", the festival will explore symptoms of a world where self-expression and experience are increasingly mediated and commodified.
Lotic on soundcloud
TCF on soundcloud
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Berlin Current is a collaborative initiative from CTM Festival, Berghain, Boiler Room Berlin, BLN.FM, No Fear of Pop, and ICAS. Sponsored by the Musicboard Berlin.

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