Amnesia Scanner


Despite an ever-growing fan base, little is known about Amnesia Scanner. Having produced Mykki Blanco’s hit “Booty Bamboo” in late 2013, holding reputed ties with UNO NYC, and gaining attention from the underground art world for a string of hyperglossy, aesthetically-thematic videos published on you tube since late 2013, Amnesia Scanner hit a new level of recognition through the stunning AS LIVE [][][][][], an album said to be capturing a live performance from March 15, 2013. With its artificial, nay, hyper-real clangs, beats, and thuds, the 23-minute stream has immediately been likened to Arca’s &&&&&, and hailed as “a timeline of recent dance and beat music trends” (Dummy Magazine).

It is thus fitting that Amnesia Scanner’s beats sound so familiar, something you’ve definitely heard before but can’t quite place. Energetic kicks and deep bass drums jolt your body into dancing action, but the rhythms are rarely “normal” enough to really let you go with the flow.

Actually, dancing to Amnesia Scanner, at least in public, is nearly impossible – it’s just too out there: “HD explosions and reversed cymbals meet F2M drama and dance music caught mid-stream, with digital shards of glass stabbing you as you’re violently jerked around its sterile world. It’s a hyperextension through the digital muck: aestheticized chronos, sentient beats, all dynamics: noisy, disorienting, & exhilarating, running on its own cold, mechanical inertia: the moment when you realize the security camera is no longer for your security at all.” (Tiny Mix Tapes)

Xeno III

Berghain, Thu 29.01.2015, 22:00

We Will Fail, Amnesia Scanner, Gazelle Twin, Suicideyear, Evian Christ live, Volte-Face

Polymorphism #14

Berghain, Thu 11.06.2015, 20:00

Holly Herndon, AGF aka poemproducer, Amnesia Scanner, Claire Tolan

Berlin Current @ Out Loud! 2015

Beursschouwburg, Fri 19.06.2015, 19:00

Soda Plains, Amnesia Scanner, Lotic

Berlin Current X PHONO Festival

Jazzhouse, Thu 22.10.2015, 20:00

Kuedo, Amnesia Scanner, J.G. Biberkopf, Phoebe Kiddo, PHONO DJs