TCF is the project of Norwegian-born Lars Holdhus, the fine artist formerly known as Cracksmurf, whose eclectic DJ mixes and productions were a strong inspiration for Arca’s diffuse, forward style.

Holdhus launched his debut as TCF with a self-titled release on YYAA, a Berlin-based label that produces arty cassette or digital releases. Lush and sprawling, suspended and frenetic, TCF’s ultra-modern composition demonstrates the producer’s breathtaking control of modern electronic software. His gravity-free compositions create a suspended n-dimentional space whose structure often comes under frenetic attack, creating tense stress points to the point of tearing his sonic fabric.

“A celestial mind wash of atomised structures bewildering as any Xenakis piece but with twisted pop taste for discord and soaring, trance-like sensations comparable with Lorenzo Senni and the head-f**k stratagem of Florian Hecker.” (Boomkat)

Shifting between art exhibitions and musical performance, TCF's work explores themes of code, cryptography, and musical composition through the use of visual, sonic, built, and written concepts. In this spirit, TCF track titles are written in cypher text, the key to which is hidden within the piece itself. His upcoming release on Liberation Technologies, E4 15 C4 71 97 F7 8E 81 1F EE B7 86 22 88 30 6E C4 13 7F D4 EC 3D ED 8B, follows this concept, consisting of digital and physical content containing the necessary keys to unlock the full meaning of the work.

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