Soda Plains


Rising producer Soda Plains is among the recent batch of semi-anonymous producers making highly synthetic, shattered pop, such as M.E.S.H., SOPHIE, and the PC Music contingent. His first proper release, Rushes, is billed by issuing label Black Ocean as "dance music stripped of any territorial markers: trans-everything garage, global funky, pan-club, decentralized grime."

Currently based in Berlin, Soda Plains is originally from Hong Kong via the West Midlands, UK, but few other details have been revealed; like his contemporaries SOPHIE and A.G. Cook, his real identity is obscured behind a hyperreal female avatar. In May 2014, his all-original "Firmiana Simplex" mix was published via DIS Magazine, and a "fractured trance-pop and lush, sino-synths" session (FACT) was also featured in the SOPHIE ET AL mixtape along with Danny L. Harle. His first proper release Rushes arrived at the close of 2014: a hectic dual-track 12" combining UK funky, tropical house, and a mess of other styles.