Danny L. Harle[UK]

Danny L. Harle is a musician and composer residing in London. He has scored film and television productions, played in various live ensembles, and is a collaborator in the cyberculture pop-inspired PC Music label. Harle is currently studying on a scholarship with Julian Anderson at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London.

During his earlier studies at Goldsmiths University of London, Harle focused on the bass guitar and double bass, the successes of which subsequently allowed him to attend Canford composition courses where he studied under Malcolm Singer, once a student of the avant-garde composer György Ligeti. In 2012 Harle’s first chamber opera, “As Above, So Below” was commissioned by the Birkbeck University of London, marking the culmination of a global research project into the cultural history of pain.

Harle often scores music for film, television, and sound installations, meanwhile writing and performing within the electronic music duo Dux Content. In 2013 he assisted in Tori Amos' “The Light Princess” musical at the National Theatre in London. He confesses to a wide gradient of influences including composers like Mitterer, Sciarrino, Nicholas Collins, and Stravinsky, with focal interests ranging from 14th century Parisian music rhythms called Ars subtilior, to glitchy 1990s video game soundtracks.

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