100% No Modern Talking: The Relation of Technology & Cultural Practice

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Presentation by Gösta Wellmer

Released in 2006 and marketed to techno producers, the Massive Synthesizer only began gaining popularity a few years later and within a different musical genre: dubstep.

What developments in media, culture and music led to its delayed success? How did the development team behind Massive anticipate its future use and was there inspiration from existing instruments? Gösta Wellmer, Head of User Interface Design at Native Instruments, tries to answer these questions based on interviews with the original development team, the examination of its preset sounds, and comparisons with other synthesizers.


Gösta Wellmer[DE]

Gösta Wellmer used his years of study in Berlin not only to learn about design but also to play experimental techno in the city's various small clubs and in other European cities. His dream to combine both design and music came true when he joined NI in 2006. Since then he has built up and is leading the User Interface Design team at Native Instruments.

Besides his work at NI Gösta has collaborated with Marcelina Wellmer on multi media installations that were shown at festivals like transmediale, Re-New and ISEA.

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