Proto-electronic Music, Post-digital Sound

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17:00 18:00

Presentation by Maciej Sledziecki and Marion Wörle of gamut inc

Maciej Sledziecki and Marion Wörle have explored pre-20th Century experimental music practices during their biennial project, AVANT AVANTGARDE, and developed automated computer-controlled music machines that reflect these experiences.

At the 2016 MusicMakers HackLab, they will introduce some of the surprising electronic music predecessors that they have found, as well their own work. They will focus on the history of real and mystic music machines, the musical and philosophical implications of automated music, and their relation to present music production. Finally, they will showcase gamut inc’s own music-machines, and explain the technical and musical functions of their automata.


gamut inc.[DE]

The Berlin-based gamut inc is an interdisciplinary ensemble founded in 2011 by computer musician and architect Marion Wörle and experimental composer Maciej Sledziecki. The ensemble is conceived around the construction of pre-modern instruments and the control of these instruments by recent technologies, resulting in an aesthetic that bridges the very old and the very new.

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