Force Field

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Installation by Evelina Domnitch and Dmitry Gelfand, in collaboration with Paul Prudence and Alexander Miltsen

Working at the interface of art and science for over a decade, Amsterdam-based Evelina Domnitch and Dmitry Gelfand develop "Force Field," an installation-in-progress, together with computational artist Paul Prudence, acoustic physicist Alexander Miltsen, and the Hydrodynamics Laboratory of the Ecole Polytechnique in Paris. Developed during a two-week residency prior to CTM 2016, the work will be on show as an installation during the festival.

Force Field uses sonolevitation to acoustically levitate a water droplet that resonates and transforms from a spheroid into different oscillating shapes as the sonic pressure increases. Capturing the 3- dimensionality of sound and the elusive physicality of water, the droplet’s vibrations are rendered into sound and computational images that are presented as a live hemispherical projection and multi-channel sound environment. Exploring normally inaccessible depths of both inner and outer space, Force Field extends the tradition of avant-garde research on phenomenological art through tightly-interwoven artistic and scientific practices.

The project is created within the framework of ENCAC – European Network for Contemporary Audiovisual Creation, a transnational research project aimed at fostering the cooperation between artists and scientists under the principles of interdisciplinarity, European intercultural exchange and the development of new audiences. The network aims to unite complementary perspectives of its diverse European members in order to enable collaborative work among European creators in fields of sound, visual arts, performance arts, and digital culture, especially via the development of new technologies and languages at the interstices between these fields.


"Force Field" is co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union, and Stimuleringsfonds.


Paul Prudence[UK]

Paul Prudence is a London-based artist and audiovisual performer whose practice prioritizes generative video environments and acousmatic sound. His work, which has been shown and performed internationally, focuses on the ways in which sound, space and form can be crosswired to create live-cinematic, visual-music experiences.

Dmitry Gelfand[RU/NL]

Dmitry Gelfand was born in St. Petersburg in 1974 and received a Bachelor’s degree in film and video from New York University in 1996. Now based in Amsterdam, his artistic work since returning to Europe continues to be most often conceived in cooperation with fellow installation artist Evelina Domnitch. The deep-rooted and long-standing collaboration between Gelfand and Domnitch has, since its inception, been dedicated to creating sensory immersion environments that merge physics, chemistry and computer science with uncanny philosophical practices.

Evelina Domnitch[BY/NL]

Minsk-born, Amsterdam-based Evelina Domnitch is an installation artist whose practice is dedicated to the use of unstable media and to questions of perception and perpetuity. She received an M.A. in philosophy from the Belarus State University and went on to join forces with Russian artist Dmitry Gelfand. The deep-rooted and long-standing collaboration between Domnitch and Gelfand has, since its inception, carried out the vision of creating sensory immersion environments that merge physics, chemistry and computer science with uncanny philosophical practices.

Alexander Miltsen[RU]

Alexander Miltsen is one of the leading Russian researchers and inventors in the fields of sonochemistry and acoustic physics. After completing a degree in radiophysics at the National University of Saint Petersburg, Miltsen developed a variety of instruments for the Novosibirsk nuclear reactor. He then moved back to Saint Petersburg, where he founded his own research lab, RICSO, which specialises in high-frequency acoustics and molecular synthesis.

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