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Panorama Bar, Am Wriezener Bahnhof, 10243 Berlin Map
Tickets: 12 € at the door


23:59 10:00

A club night at Panorama Bar will join the early-evening CTM 2016 Opening Concert at HAU the next day in inaugurating the ten-day festival.

Norwegian Lush life advocate Charlotte Bendiks loosens up the dance floor with her signature mix of euphoric house, African groove, and Latin beats. Bendiks’s compatriot, refined emoter, and disco avant-gardist Andre Bratten sets a remembrance of Oslo’s darker days into rhythm with sepulchral deliciousness.

A burgeoning electronic music scene in Russia will be represented by HMOT, Buttechno, and Low 808. Linguist and musician HMOT, a familiar face from CTM’s Siberia edition this past September, will perform a live set. His last EP, Barricades, brought modular synths, piano and string samples, and field recordings together over clickety-clack techno and house templates. Buttechno, who was also on the Siberia roster, arrives from the Moscow suburbs to haunt us with his spacious, dystopian, and wonky techno amalgams, and to share the decks with fellow Russian and underground house staple Low 808, who makes his CTM debut.

The rest of the evening is in the good hands of Ateq and Berlin native beat wizard Rødhåd. Ateq is a founding member of Weimar’s minimal techno label Giegling and known as “the experimenter of the group”, while Rødhåd conjures up brooding techno that’s melodic enough to pull on heartstrings, and tough (as nails) enough to keep dancers more determined than they can remember.


Charlotte Bendiks is supported by the SHAPE platform, co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.



Florian Lepa or Ateq is one of the old-timers in the Weimar-based Giegling, a label and collective known for its melancholic, awestruck take on minimal techno and house. Lepa lives in Berlin and keeps busy performing DJ- and live sets in prestigious clubs the world over.  

André Bratten[NO]

André Bratten is affiliated with Norway's booming nu- and post-disco scene, but his own productions diverge into darker territory. As Pitchfork puts it, "In an Oslo-producer family portrait, you'd imagine Bratten as the lurking one in the black ribbed turtleneck, looking on severely as porn-mustached Todd Terje makes bunny ears behind Lindstrøm's bucket cap."

Low 808[RU]

Low 808 is a house and techno DJ from Moscow and the founder of the vinyl-only label Gost Zvuk (Ghost Sounds) Records. As the label’s primary curator, he hand-picks smoky, gritty productions by local avant-garde house talent such as Vtgnike, Ol, and Lapti.


HMOT is the stage name of Stanislav Sharifullin, a composer and sound artist based in Krasnoyarsk, Russia. He runs the tape label Klammklang and works as a curator for music, art, and science events between Siberia’s major cities.

Charlotte Bendiks[NO]

Tromsø-based DJ and producer Charlotte Bendiks makes what she proclaims as body music, using house as a structure into which she weaves EBM, Latin grooves, and everything in between. Her DJ sets, which she has been crafting since her early 20s, are known for creating euphoric and sensuous states, reciprocating her audiences’ energy.


Over the past few years, Dystopian founder and techno heavyweight Rødhåd has risen to electronic music's upper ranks with his hypnotic, extended sets and impeccable mixing style.

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