Tune Out – CTM x RBMA Finale

Astra, Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin Map
Tickets: 25 € (includes Fade Out)


20:00 00:30

20:00 Phoebe Kiddo
21:00 Nisennemondai
22:15 Carter Tutti Void (German premiere)
23:45 Mumdance + Logos + Shapednoise present "The Sprawl" (world premiere)

The CTM Finale is co-hosted by Red Bull Music Academy and will offer sounds ranging from analog simulations of electronic dance music to post-techno grime concoctions.

Carter Tutti Void (CTV) is a hugely lauded project that brings together Chris Carter and former Academy lecturer Cosey Fanni Tutti (both of Throbbing Gristle and Chris & Cosey) with Factory Floor's Nik Void. The trio’s Berlin appearance will mark one of their first “Transverse II” shows – the follow-up to their highly acclaimed collaborative work, which was released in LP format by Mute Records in 2012.

Sharing the bill with CTV will be “The Sprawl”, the premiere of a new collaboration between Mumdance, Logos, and Shapednoise, especially commissioned by CTM for the occasion. Currently one of the most exciting producers of UK club music, Jack Adams aka Mumdance has made a name for himself as a shapeshifting neo-grime engineer. His current approach sees the freshly graduated RBMA alum ploughing resolutely across genres, with work ranging from collaborations with Bristol figurehead Pinch and South London MC Novelist. Mumdance will perform live with two of his closest peers Logos, co-founder of the Different Circles label and co-author for their first label release, Weightless, and Hospital Productions/Berlin Current affiliate Shapednoise. With their future outlook, the trio is certain to defy standard notions of what gritty industrial techno and UK club music are about.

With her keen ear for multifaceted expressive electronics, Red Bull Music Academy alumna Phoebe Kiddo will demonstrate her live set in support of her critically acclaimed debut LP, Artefacts of Broken Dreams (Symbiosis, 2014). Another artist supported by Berlin Current, a CTM-led initiative that aims to identify and support emerging sounds from Berlin, Kiddo blends her knowledge of polyrhythmic complexities and experimental music with heavy bass, densely programmed sounds, and hypnagogic synths.

Rounding out the bill is Tokyo-based trio Nisennenmondai, whose name stems from the Japanese word for "Y2K Bug". Since 1999, they have been whipping up electrified, up-tempo loops through rock and noise means, inducing spellbinding states of hypnotism. 2014 saw their hyper, raw trance-punk unleashed to full effect on their fourth full-length, N.



Shapednoise began experimenting with sound design and industrial techno while studying audio engineering at SAE Institute in Milan. In 2011, he moved to Berlin and founded the Repitch label with Ascion and D. Carbone.

Carter Tutti Void[UK]

Carter Tutti Void is the intergenerational trio of Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti of pioneering industrial unit Throbbing Gristle with Factory Floor's Nik Void. The collaboration began as a one-off live show at London's Roundhouse, but the onstage merging of murky electronics and brute energy proved potent, and the three artists have recently regrouped for a follow-up outing on Mute, Transverse II.

Phoebe Kiddo[AU/DE]

Australian-born Phoebe Kiddo began cultivating a keen ear for multifaceted, expressive electronics in her native Melbourne, where she collaborated with improvisational trio K&M and founded the Racket showcase.


Logos (the production alias of James Parker) is a London-based artist who creates spacious and hypnotic grime and club influenced electronic music. Emerging after a long period submerged in the UK underground with his future-bound take on the original grime "devil mix" concept in 2012 with the Kowloon EP on Keysound Recordings, Logos has continued developing this sound with releases on Unknown to the Unknown and most recently with his energised and stripped down collaborations with fellow London producer Mumdance.


Tokyo-based trio Nisennenmondai are, as suggested by their name, the surviving Y2K bug. Found on the border of experimental rock and electric noise, they have been inducing trance-like states since 1999 with their rhythmic backbone percussion and punk instrumentals. The sonic group consists of guitarist Masako Takada, bassist Yuri Zaikawa, and drummer Sayaka Himeno.


Since reinventing his sound following his Mad Decent debut, prolific Londoner Mumdance (a.k.a Jack Adams) has become one of the biggest names in the world of grime.

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