Beta I

YAAM III, An der Schillingbrücke, 10243 Berlin Map
Tickets: 16 € (includes Alpha I)


23:00 06:00

23:30 Franz Bargmann
00:30 OAKE (world premiere)
01:30 Grebenstein
02:30 Zamilska
03:30 Shaddah Tuum
04:30 KerriOake

The second stage at YAAM on CTM Festival’s opening weekend will be the site of a launch event for Auferstehung, the debut album of Berlin-based post-industrial duo OAKE. Co-curated by the duo and CTM, the event will feature live acts by a number of similarly-minded artists and friends from Berlin and abroad.

After an introductory guitar-only set by Franz Bargmann, OAKE will celebrate and offer a taste of Auferstehung with the premiere of a new stage performance. Linking their uncompromising, echoey techno patches with aimless, dripping vocals to conjure up an occultist, immersive time warp, their performance takes the form of a dance piece choreographed by OAKE’s Bathseba Sienknecht.

Downwards label accomplice Grebenstein punctuates otherwise palid, plummeting soundscapes with moments of colour in his use of rounded, overtone-rich percussion. Very little is known about the enigmatic producer behind the debut, self-titled release. In any case, Grebenstein, already appearing on bills headlined by established experimentalists such as Diamond Version, Emptyset, and Grischa Lichtenberger, looks to be off to a promising start.

Polish artist-gone-viral Zamilska will perform music from her latest release, aptly titled Untune. The album is marked by heavy-handed, sludgy beats whose military, arduous quality is reflected in several of the track names (“Army,” “Effort,” “Enemy,” “Flag.”). Zamilska's appearance is part of a collaboration with Unsound Festival in Krakow, which strives to offer a representation of the vibrant music scene in Poland.

Newly Berlin Current-supported hauntologists Shaddah Tuum perform their own take on "black radiance," or the iridescent codependence of agony and ecstasy. Collaborators Nicolas Lefort and Brandon Rosenbluth create gasping, charry techno hybrids with a clear blood lineage to the electronic-industrial dance resurgence of recent years.

The night is rounded-out by KerriOake, a special b2b DJ-set by Eric Sienknecht of OAKE and fellow Downwards artist Samuel Kerridge.


Zamilska is presented within SHAPE, a new 3-year initiative co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union, which unites 16 likeminded organisations in supporting emerging experimental sound-based artists in Europe .



KerriOake is the new collaboration between Berliners Samuel Kerridge and OAKE’s Eric, allied to create a dark dance experience in the form of a back-to-back DJ set. Already holding strong reputations of their own on the music periphery, the producers have previously worked together under the live act, UF.


With the release of his debut self-titled 12", emerging artist Grebenstein joins the ranks of recent Downwards label signees making bleak, industrial techno variants loaded with sinister atmospherics, hazy ritual portent, and low-slung, smoking, cold wave riffs.


OAKE is emerging Berlin duo Eric and Bathseba, who together alchemize their own variant of dark, atmospheric techno inspired by British post-Industrial acts and the occult.


Since debuting with acclaimed LP Untune in 2014, Zamilska has earned herself a formidable reputation in techno and beyond. The Polish industrial artist is known for juggling winding rhythms over stuttering, caustic kicks. In her live sets and productions, raw noise meets delicate melodies, haunting choirs, and monstrous bass.

Franz Bargmann[DE]

Franz Bargmann is a German guitar player based in Berlin. He is a contributing guitarist on the recent occult duo OAKE release, Auferstehung. Since 2014, Bargmann has been touring with seminal krautrocker Michael Rother, of Neu!.

Shaddah Tuum[INT]

As Shaddah Tuum, nocturnal collaborators Nicolas Lefort and Brandon Rosenbluth (who also masquerade as Niko 'Shaddah' LFO and Xorzyzt) create gasping, charry techno hybrids with a clear blood lineage to the electronic-industrial dance resurgence led by labels like Blackest Ever Black, Downwards, Hospital, PAN, Subtext, and Opal Tapes.

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