Un Tune VI

HAU2, Hallesches Ufer 32, 10963 Berlin Map
Tickets: 15 € / 12 € reduced


20:00 22:00

20:00 Electric Indigo & Thomas Wagensommerer “Morpheme” (world premiere)
20:45 Lorenzo Senni “AAT” (German premiere)

This concert features the investigation, both by a DJ/audiovisual artist combination and by solo artist Lorenzo Senni, of the questionable boundary between control and the acceptance of chaotic noise's inevitable inundation.

DJ, sound researcher, and female:pressure network founder Electric Indigo joins forces with visual artist Thomas Wagensommerer to present "Morpheme," the audiovisual exploration of a granular microcosm. Ranging from slowly-modulating crackles to pounding beats and sharp flashes, the multichannel, surround-sound work is entirely composed of sounds derived from the 9-second audio recording of a phrase from a talk by cultural theorist Sadie Plant at CTM 2014: “To let noise into the system is a kind of fine art in both cybernetic terms and in terms of making music, too.” In de- and re-constructing Plant’s phrase, the work confronts the field of cybernetics, in which the “art of controlling” is challenged by the unassailable resistance of chaotic noise.

Morpheme excerpt [Electric Indigo & Thomas Wagensommerer] from Electric Indigo on Vimeo.


Milan-based artist Lorenzo Senni will extend his reconnaissance and abstraction of 1990s rave music from the exclusively aural to the visual and tactile with his project, "Advanced Abstract Trance." Based on a 28-minute study in which he assembled and recombined samples of static, breakdowns, and restarts from trance, hardstyle and hard trance tracks, the project itself will draw exclusively from original sounds and be adapted for live multi-channel diffusion. Senni’s 2012 debut LP on Editions Mego, Quantum Jelly, and his 2014 mini-album on Boomkat Editions, Superimpositions, were lauded internationally for their “pointillistic trance” (in Senni’s words) and playful exploration of the emotional buildups and breakdowns of euphoric rave music.


Lorenzo Senni is presented within SHAPE, a new 3-year initiative co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union, which unites 16 likeminded organisations in supporting emerging experimental sound-based artists in Europe .


Thomas Wagensommerer[AT]

Thomas Wagensommerer is a media artist, theoretician, and musician working in visual and audio experimentation. He is also the lecturer for Experimental Media at the University of Applied Sciences St. Poelten, does light design for performances, and is a member of the What if? arts project about identity in art, funded by the Austrian Science Fund.

Electric Indigo[AT]

Vienna-born Susanne Kirchmayr, known as Electric Indigo, is a composer, DJ, and musician with a career spanning two decades. Currently focusing on multi-channel installations that emphasize subtly elaborated sounds generated from speech recordings, she is also founder of female:pressure, an international network for female artists in the field of electronic music.

Lorenzo Senni[IT]

Lorenzo Senni is a Milan-based composer and multidisciplinary artist devoted to investigating and abstracting the mechanisms of dance music. His releases deconstruct the sounds of trance, hardstyle, hard-trance 1990s rave culture. He heads the experimental music label Presto!?. Senni’s latest EP, Persona, appeared this past November on Warp.  

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