Rotationsstudien, Sequenzen 20-5

HAU2 II, Hallesches Ufer 32, 10963 Berlin Map
Tickets: Free entrance


15:00 22:00

Installation by Jan St Werner and Karl Kliem

Created by Jan St. Werner and Karl Kliem, this series of audio-visual compositions of constantly and subtly shifting antidromic sounds and images experiments visually and acoustically with Gestalt principles from the field of cognitive psychology, and triggers sensory irritation in the recipient.

Composed of 60 frames per second, the visual component of the "Rotationsstudien" uses complementary contrasts, sudden bursts of colour, and shifts from bright- to darkness to generate spatial effects that simultaneously give rise to new assemblages and undermine the viewer’s sense of reality. Same as the images, the installation's sound component is completely digital in origin, and by means of granular resonance shifts, stereo movements, and phase changes prompts phantom perceptions. Every visitor listens to and sees a different installation. "Rotationsstudien" is a generative piece of abstract extended cinema, that runs for days without repetition.


Karl Kliem[DE]

German artist Karl Kliem creates minimalist light and sound installations and visual environments for live performance. Working primarily with neon and LEDs to visualize sound, Kliem (who also operates under the alias Dienststelle) has been enlisted to produce visual elements for a veritable who's who of experimental producers, including Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto, Jan Jelinek, Thomas Köner, Mouse on Mars, and Sleeparchive.

Jan St. Werner[DE]

The legacy of Cologne producer Jan St. Werner has been firmly established as one half of vanguard electronic duo Mouse on Mars, a solo producer, and as artistic director at the esteemed Amsterdam Institute for Electronic Music (STEIM).

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