Un Tune III

HAU2, Hallesches Ufer 32, 10963 Berlin Map
Tickets: 15 / 12 € reduced


20:00 22:00

20:00 Marcus Schmickler "Fortuna Ribbon"
21:00 Rose Kallal & Mark O Pilkington "Aldebaran"

Creating audio illusions and psychedelic imagery, disorientation and tricking the mind are two key concepts for this evening.

Cologne-based Marcus Schmickler will add to this year’s contigent of musicians that toy with our perception. From difference tones (an additional tone whose frequency is a mentally perceived difference of two played notes) to acoustic emissions produced by the cochlea, Schmickler’s interest revolves around the brain and its adaptation to multiple auditory stimuli. In his recent Palace of Marvels release on Editions Mego, Schmickler explores a new interpretation of the 1960’s "Shepard tone" discovery. When listening to a Shepard tone, we are faced with the illusion that the pitch is either continuously ascending or descending though it is apparently never reaching a limit. Starting from such phenomena, Schmickler’s multi-channel piece, "Fortuna Ribbon," twists the fundamentals of musical practice – rhythm, sound, and pitch.

New York-based filmmaker and musician Rose Kallal and London musician, esoterica writer and publisher Mark O Pilkington will also appear with their collaborative project. Kallal’s 16 mm film "Aldebaran," projected using multiple projectors, blends together with a semi-improvised soundtrack of dissonant drones and abstract analogue psychedelia to produce a thoroughly engrossing and disorienting experience.

"Implicate Explicate" 16mm film loop installation, 2012 from Rose Kallal on Vimeo.


Mark O Pilkington[UK]

Mark O Pilkington is a writer, publisher, and experimental musician. At the helm of a London-based publication company named Strange Attractor, he aims to investigate esoteric and “unpopular” themes in the vein of neglected science articles and UFO conspiracies.

Rose Kallal[US]

Rose Kallal is a NYC based visual and sound artist. Her performances combine immersive multiple 16mm film loop projections along with live modular synthesis and percussion elements. Her work has been presented internationally at many venues and galleries such as Participant Inc (NYC), Ramiken Crucible gallery (NYC), MoMA PS1 (Queens NY), Contemporary Museum of Art Bologna (Italy), Spike Island Art Center (Bristol UK),  festivals include Sonic Acts (Amsterdam NL), Performa (NYC).

Marcus Schmickler[DE]

Cologne-based multifaceted composer and producer Marcus Schmickler’s interests revolve around the brain and its adaptation to multiple auditory stimuli. From explorations of difference tones to stimulations of otoacoustic emissions produced by the cochlea, Schmickler’s work exists in the liaison between performance and science.

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