CTM 2015 Opening Concert

HAU1, Stresemannstr. 29, 10963 Berlin Map
Tickets: 25 / 20 € reduced


19:30 22:00

19:30 Rose Kallal and Mark O Pilkington "Aldebaran"
20:10 Thomas Ankersmit (German premiere)
21:00 Soundwalk Collective with Nan Goldin, Samuel Rohrer and visuals by Tina Frank "A Memoir of Disintegration"(world premiere)



CTM's opening concert at HAU will present three innovative and complementary acts, each of which will do its part to untune a harmonious, watertight reality in idiosyncratic ways.

At the core of the evening is is a collaboration between the New York- / Berlin-based Soundwalk Collective, American photographer Nan Goldin, percussionist Samuel Rohrer and video artist Tina Frank. "A Memoir Of Disintegration" is a sound composition based on David Wojnarowicz’s homonymous and provocative correspondence, which documents existence at the margin of society in 1980s underground New York City. The multidisciplinary artist, writer and activist, known for his rebellious struggle against conformity and materialism, was one of the most potent voices of his generation. An intense and dark journey through street life, drugs, art and nature, politics, friendship and acceptance, the live performance features Nan Goldin interpreting the most expressive excerpts of Wojnarowicz’s writings. Soundwalk Collective perform a live musical score thick with jarring physicality and juxtapose this with a sound memento of field recordings from New York City from over the past two decades.

Still from "Last Night I Took A Man", 1989. Performance and Dialogue: David Wojnarowicz. Camera and Direction: Marion Scemama. Super-8 on digital video, color, sound 4:33 min. Courtesy of Marion Scemama, the Estate of David Wojnaorwicz and P.P.O.W Gallery, New York.

To start the evening, New York-based filmmaker and musician Rose Kallal and London musician, esoterica writer and publisher Mark O Pilkington unite their talents for an immersive experience of abstract psychedelia. Kallal’s disorienting, technicolored 16 mm film "Aldebaran" will provide the backdrop for a semi-improvised soundtrack of analogue modular synthesizer drones, together creating a captivating and totally disorienting stream of consciousness.

"Emerald Vision" 16mm film loops and sound, 2012 from Rose Kallal on Vimeo.

Dutch sound artist Thomas Ankersmit will also present his mastery of the Serge analogue synth, an instrument that rarely receives a spotlight in live performance. The German premiere of his solo act will feature the harnessing of a sound phenomenon known as otoacoustic emission, or in-ear tones. These "phantom sounds" are generated by listeners’ inner ears in response to certain sonic stimuli. The disturbing perception of sounds originating directly in one’s head has the tendency to obliterate any notion of space. In Ankersmit’s performance, in-ear tones and sounds conventionally perceived as coming from the loudspeakers form two intricately linked but distinct musical streams. The new performance was commissioned by OTO Projects in London.


Rose Kallal[US]

Rose Kallal is a NYC based visual and sound artist. Her performances combine immersive multiple 16mm film loop projections along with live modular synthesis and percussion elements. Her work has been presented internationally at many venues and galleries such as Participant Inc (NYC), Ramiken Crucible gallery (NYC), MoMA PS1 (Queens NY), Contemporary Museum of Art Bologna (Italy), Spike Island Art Center (Bristol UK),  festivals include Sonic Acts (Amsterdam NL), Performa (NYC).

Soundwalk Collective[INT]

Soundwalk Collective is an international art collective based both in New York City and Berlin. Since the year 2000, they have been sonic nomads, exploring and documenting places from the desolation of the Rub’ al Khali to the coasts of the Black Sea.

Nan Goldin[US]

Nan Goldin was born in Washington, D.C., and began photographing at the age of fifteen. She received a BFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, in 1977. In 1978 she moved to New York, where she continued to document her “extended family.” These photographs, along with those taken in London, Berlin, and Provincetown, Massachusetts, became the subject of her slide shows and first book, The Ballad of Sexual Dependency.

Samuel Rohrer[CH]

Samuel Rohrer's flexibility and capability to move around effortlessly in different styles, from atmospheric and free sounds to straight and energetic grooves, make him one of the most dynamic and creative drummers in the European music scene today.

Tina Frank[AT]

Tina Frank is a graphic designer, media artist, and professor of visual communication at the University of Arts and Industrial Design in Linz. Frank designed the cover artwork for key Mego releases including albums by the likes of Christian Fennesz, members of Pan Sonic, Jim O'Rourke, and Florian Hecker, defining the prestigious label’s visual aesthetic. She started working with video and multimedia in the mid-1990s.

Mark O Pilkington[UK]

Mark O Pilkington is a writer, publisher, and experimental musician. At the helm of a London-based publication company named Strange Attractor, he aims to investigate esoteric and “unpopular” themes in the vein of neglected science articles and UFO conspiracies.

Thomas Ankersmit[NL/DE]

CTM Festival are proud to host the world premiere of “Perceptual Geography” by Thomas Ankersmit, a solo performance inspired by - and dedicated to - the pioneering research of legendary American sound artist Maryanne Amacher (1938-2009). 

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