Un Cut

Stattbad I, Gerichtstr. 65, 13347 Berlin Map
Tickets: 25 € / whole Stattbad programme


23:00 07:00

The Un Cut programme at Stattbad testifies to the increasing transmission of global sound and audacious, anything-goes mixing inciting seismic shifts on contemporary dancefloors. Mark Ernestus, who has acquired iconographic status in Berlin as the founder of Hard Wax and one half of Basic Channel and Rhythm & Sound, presents the electrified, popular sounds of West African mbalax in the mercilessly propulsive polyrhythms of Senegalese drumming clan Jeri-Jeri. Formerly one half of drum and bass innovator duo Instra:mental, UK producer Boddika picks up on the raw energy of the Jeri-Jeri crew, conducting the classic styles of Chicago house, Detroit techno, and electro into raw, incendiary sets. Sarah Farina similarly lifts off from a bass background, mixing breakbeat, jungle, and juke to destabilize the 4/4 techno schema that has long dominated the Berlin club scene, and the breakbeats and percussive vortices of Portugal’s DJ Marfox are updated with instrumental kuduro, dark techno, and UK garage.


Sarah Farina[DE]

Sarah Farina is known for sprinkling positivity and joy over the darkest bassy sounds. An innovative, skillful DJ, she’s the smiling antithesis of genre cliques and scene elitists. Her sets blend bass-heavy footwork and futuristic rhythms over fearless forays through R&B and UK funky.

DJ Marfox[PT]

Portugal’s DJ Marfox’ debut 12”, Eu Sei Quem Sou (“I Know Who I Am”), declares his insistence on claiming cultural roots, and roots as an impetus for creative, technological, and – perhaps most critically - collective social evolution.


Formerly one half of the drum & bass innovator duo Instra:mental, London-based producer Alex Green’s raw, kinetic sound as Boddika shows a preference for analogue production – hand-manipulated synths and eddied, elliptical drum patterns generated via step sequencers – and is mercilessly dancefloor driven, filtering Chicago house, Detroit techno, and rough electro.


Lancashire-born producer Sam Shackleton, now resident in Berlin, emerged in the mid 00s just as dubstep began its international spread. He operated the influential label Skull Disco with Appleblim from 2005-08 and launched another imprint, Woe To The Septic Heart!, in 2010.

Mark Ernestus presents Jeri-Jeri[SN/DE]

Mark Ernestus has laid the foundation for the development of the electronic music scene in Berlin.

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