Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a general list of questions that could help you during your CTM experience. If you still have concerns, please write us at contact[at]

Where do I pick up my pass? 

The CTM Infocounter at the Kunstquartier Bethanien / Kreuzberg.

Mariannenplatz 2, 10997 Berlin
Friday 24.1. → 19 – 23:00
Saturday 24.1. & Sunday 26.1. → 12 – 20:00
Monday 27.1. – Saturday 1.2. → 12 – 22:00

→ Tel +49 (0)30 44041852

Will I be guaranteed entry with a CTM Festival Pass or single event ticket?

Valid festival passes and tickets grant access to CTM Festival events, however as many CTM venues are of limited capacity, we suggest you arrive early to avoid disappointment. Please note that all of our venues reserve the right to deny entry based on the German Hausrecht (a legal term describing a venue’s responsibility for everything that occurs on their premises), so issues such as venue capacity, audience behaviour, security, etc. must be taken into consideration at the door and may override access.

Passholders must always show BOTH their wristband and lanyard when entering an event.

I’ve heard that it’s tricky to get into certain venues, especially Berghain. Do some venues have a special door policy?

Club venues have developed their own door policies based on their needs and public. While we work in partnership with all venues to accommodate our audience, we ultimately respect their right to make a final decision.

For Berghain, all Regular Pass and ticket holders, as well as those buying tickets, should use the main entrance. Gold Pass holders and those on the guestlist should use the dedicated entrance found to the left of the main door. If there is already a queue when you arrive, check for signs spaced along the line to be sure that you’re waiting in the right one.

I forgot my earplugs. Are any available at the festival?

Our venues offer earplugs on-site, often free of charge. They can usually be found at the coat check or at the bar.

What is your photo policy?

This depends on the venue, for example Berghain has a strict no-photo policy. While we do allow photos at most venues, we enjoy an atmosphere where people are present and focused on the performances and the moment.

Announcements might also be made at other venues requesting that the audience refrain from taking photos or from using flash; we ask that you respect these requests. We also ask that you respect the space and privacy of other festivalgoers by not photographing them without their consent. Likewise, if you do not wish to be photographed by an official CTM photographer, please simply tell them. If you notice a photo of yourself in our official photos, and wish for it to be removed, please write us at with a link to the photo in question. We will be happy to take it down.

Filming and audio recordings are forbidden.

I’m (accompanying) someone that has special needs (mobility, vision, hearing…). How can I get information on accessibility?

Information on accessibility at CTM is available here. Please contact us at accessibility[at] if you have further questions. 

I’d like to bring someone that is under 18 to one of your events. Is that possible?

Most CTM venues enforce a minimum age of 18 years for entry, due to their nature as bars and clubs. Those under 18, however, are allowed entry when accompanied by an adult to HAU Hebbel am Ufer theatres (HAU1 and HAU2), Kunstquartier Bethanien, the Botanic Garden, daadgalerie, Hamburger Bahnhof, radialsystem, and silent green Betonhalle. You can find out more about the HAU theatre age policy via +49 (0)30.259004 -27 or tickets[at] For radialsystem please contact +49 (0) 30 288 788 588 and for silent green, +49 (0) 30 1208221-0.

I was harassed or felt discriminated against at a CTM event. Who can I talk to? What can I do?

CTM has a zero-tolerance policy towards any kind of discrimination. We continue to work within our team and with our venue partners to ensure that our events are welcoming and safe for the most diverse public possible. If you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation at any festival event, please approach venue bar or security staff. We also have a designated contact person at most CTM 2020 events, who you can contact in case you feel uncomfortable or unsafe. They’ll be wearing a bright yellow lanyard (Schlüsselband) around their neck, and will are at the following venues: Berghain/ Panorama Bar/ Säule, Festsaal Kreuzberg, Griessmuehle, Heimathafen, Paloma Bar, Schwuz.

You can also send us an email if you’d like to report an incident or give us feedback: wesupportyou[at]

Is it safe to buy a ticket from a non-CTM vendor?

CTM sells tickets via our official portals (our own website, the HAU ticketing system, Koka36). Passes and tickets cannot be refunded or exchanged via our team. We are working with TicketSwap to ensure a safe place to resell your e-tickets. Buying a ticket from another vendor, private seller, or ticket scalper is at your own risk. Please be aware that fraudulent tickets get sold, and we are not responsible for them.

The show I want to attend is sold out. Will there be tickets at the door?

At sold out events, there is always a chance that tickets will be made available when guest list or pass holders don't show up. For concerts at HAU Hebbel am Ufer and Festsaal Kreuzberg, these tickets will be released shortly before the event starts. For club nights, as they run for extended periods of time, the availability of additional tickets is dependent on capacity. 

We cannot guarantee access or availability in these cases, but it's often worth trying. 

What’s the best way to get around between CTM Festival venues?

The U1 train line connects most of our venues (HAU, Berghain, Kunstquartier Bethanien, and Festsaal Kreuzberg), and it’s easy to reach all other venues by public transportation as well. We recommend you download Berlin’s public transit app to plan your journeys. Berlin’s transit system also has a new taxi-ridesharing service, BerlKönig, which offers a cheap and easy way to get around. Sharing a taxi is also convenient – call Taxi Berlin + 49 30 202020 or Taxi Funk +49 030 443322 – or use, or

What languages are events held in?

The daytime programme, along with supporting material (e.g. the festival magazine) is in English. Some material, such as the exhibition booklet, is also available in German.

I’m on the guestlist and was asked to make a donation. What’s this about?

For those on the guestlist for individual concerts and nights, we ask that you contribute to +1, a Berlin initiative that brings concert promoters, clubs, and artists together to show support for refugees.

Those who receive free festival passes are asked to donate 5 euro towards the offsetting of carbon emissions when they pick up their pass.

Can I send you demos?

Yes, please send these to contact[at] at any time of year, and they will be forwarded to our curatorial team. Please be sure to provide short information about yourself and your project. Since we receive massive amounts of demos, please note that we are only able to respond to applications that we are seriously interested in.

What do you do during the rest of the year?

We keep busy with many other projects outside of the festival period. In Berlin, we hold regular club nights at various venues in Berlin, and special concerts at venues such as HKW or Festsaal Kreuzberg. We also collaborate with like-minded organisations or networks such as ICAS or SHAPE on events all over the world. Sign up for our newsletter or follow us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) to keep up with our news.