Wesley Goatley


"Chthonic Rites"

Sound installation, 2018.

“Chthonic Rites” is an installation that uses the speech capabilities of smart assistants Alexa and Siri to expose the underlying ideologies behind their design and function. A conversation between the two assistants, in the forms of an Apple iPhone and Amazon Echo, takes place on an abandoned office desk. They discuss parallels between ancient histories and their own, highlighting their hidden histories and the power politics nested within their supposedly friendly identities.

Wesley Goatley is a sound artist and researcher based in London, UK. His installations, sound objects, and live audio/visual performances critique the common language and imagery used to describe data and artificial intelligence, and the power these symbols have in shaping the world and our understanding of it. He writes and gives talks on the subjects of critical data theory, digital aesthetics, and the role of machine learning and AI technologies in art practice.