Sophia Bulgakova


Photo by Jesus Canuto Iglesias.

"You Are Source Projection and Reflection"

Interactive installation, 2015.

“You Are Source Projection and Reflection” is part of an ongoing series of projection-based setups focusing on non-linear reading in motion. The piece attempts to rearrange understandings of physical space to create infinite possible compositions, which allow imagination to shape the perception of the viewer. The audience is invited to explore the space individually by submerging themselves into fusing clouds of words, while using translucent screens to navigate the playful environment. The text in this version of the installation is developed together with Igor Zenzerović, an artist and performer from Pula, Croatia.

Sophia Bulgakova is an interdisciplinary artist born in Ukraine. She recently graduated from the ArtScience Interfaculty in The Hague. Most of her recent works are created with the intention of exploring the relationship between light and perception, with a focus on visual perception.