Richard Garet


Photo by Ka-Man Tse.

"Perceptual Series"

Moving image installation (silent), 2013 – 2015.

“Perceptual Series” exists in an area between immateriality, object, and optical phenomena—beauty and discomfort. Developed out of Richard Garet’s extensive investigations into the nature and capabilities of sight and perception, the work examines the ways in which we come to understand our world.

The series is based on the transformation of sound into image. Equally important is the creative exploitation of digital artifacts and glitches, which become natural elements within the work. Duration, repetition, variation, and their effects on image reception are explored through an approach that sees work with light as building and sculpting in time. Garet plays with the experience of light within physical space, while also activating its nuances.

Richard Garet works with sound and visual arts. His materials emerge from ontological investigations of background noise and the decadence-and-decay of technological utilities. Garet seeks to invert the normative function of background noise from unconscious status to active presence. His works embrace the objectification of the ordinary, repurposed technologies, transposition, articulation of space, nuances of perception, and extended techniques applied to time-based practice.