Displaced Communion

Heimathafen Neukölln, Karl-Marx-Str. 141, 12043 Berlin Map
Tickets: 20 € + SC


21:00 23:00

21:00 BNNT
22:00 Dan Deacon

Baltimore-based composer and producer Dan Deacon has been described as a maximalist, oddball, and everything in between. Following the release of his forthcoming record Mystic Familiar, out January 2020 via Domino, Deacon delivers a live show that is sure to surprise, engage, and confound. “How do you make something solid, beautiful, and built to last in a time of cultural chaos and personal doubt?” The record comprises kaleidoscopic journeys through meandering, glittering synthpop, born out of personal explorations in meditation, self-compassion, and mindfulness. Polish noise guerrillas BNNT and actress Jaśmina Polak perform new album Middle West, which features their interpretation of "A Letter to Europe," a text written by Swedish-Iranian author Athena Farrokhzad. Together, they formulate a furious accusation against Europe's unfulfilled promises, calling for collective resistance against repressive politics.


Dan Deacon[US]

Dan Deacon is an American composer from Baltimore, Maryland. For nearly over 20 years, Deacon has been a consistent part of electronic music, bridging the gap between contemporary classical and more abrasive, gig-ready electro. His work has developed from touring solo with an array of machines to working with established chamber ensembles and composing film soundtracks.


BNNT have been active for over a decade now. Constantly sidestepping boundaries, they have taken over the likes of street events; sound installations in museums, and movie screenings with their sonic guerilla antics.

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