Dis Fig


Photo by Vlatka Feugo.

American-born Chinese DJ and producer Dis Fig combines hi-tech, futuristic aesthetics and vocal-led, introspective soundscapes. Having moved from New York to Berlin to write music she has since become a lynchpin of a constantly evolving underground scene, hosting famed radio show Call Dibs on BCR with Hunni’d Jaws, and performing and DJing internationally. Her first album Purge was released on PTP in 2019.

In 2010 Felicia Chen moved from New Jersey to New York after her hopes to study jazz were dashed. However she found solace in the weirder fringes of the scene, digging through tracks and making mixtapes before DJing at various clubs. After six years of DJing and working constantly, Dis Fig moved to Berlin with the aim to grow from just DJing to producing, leading her to produce "Rebirth," a standout track on Support.fm’s SHXME compilation, and the soundtrack to Tianzhuo Chen’s opera An Atypical Brain Damage, released digitally on PTP in 2018 as an excerpt.

In Berlin, Dis Fig has established herself as a pioneering figure in underground dance music, broadening the city’s palette away from techno to infuse it with Jersey club, grime, techno, baile, ballroom, rap, and R&B mutations. She has become affiliated with Berlin's Trade party series, home to the likes of Lotic, Soda Plains, Why Be, KABLAM, and Mechatok. 

Debut album Purge has been described as “the sound of industrial runoff, of sludgy instrumentation bubbling and swirling.” Summarised by its title, Purge is the result of tapping into deep-seated emotions and exorcising them from the body and mind; it sees Dis Fig evolve as an artist, using her voice as a focal point throughout.

Unknown Unknown

Berghain, Tue 28.01.2020, 21:00

Daniela Huerta, Ashley Fure, Dis Fig, Mohammad, Rakta

Absurd TRAX vs Selam X

Berghain Säule, Wed 29.01.2020, 22:00

T0C1S, ava*, Nerve, ASJ, FOTAN LAIKI, Thegn ft Dis Fig, Kelvin T, Alexmalism