Daniela Huerta


Photo by Cornelia Thonhauser.

Born in Mexico, Daniela Huerta is a Berlin-based artist whose work oscillates between performance art, sound design, and multimedia projects. As Baby Vulture, she has developed her own genre-bending style of DJing.

Her many collaborations include the interdisciplinary project Prima Materia, recently performed on the 4-D sound space of MONOM at Funkhaus Berlin. Other musical collaborations and releases include Soundwalk Collective, Cornerbred, and IATTAI. In March 2020, she will be featured on a compilation for Concentric Records alongside Pole and Vladislav Delay. 

Huerta was part the of Amplify Berlin residency program under the mentorship of Lucrecia Dalt in November 2018.

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Berghain, Tue 28.01.2020, 21:00

Daniela Huerta, Ashley Fure, Dis Fig, Mohammad, Rakta