CTM 2018 Phase Out II

SchwuZ II, Rollbergstraße 26, 12053 Berlin Map
Tickets: 10 € (includes SchwuZ I)


22:00 05:30

23:50 33EMYBW
00:35 ZULI
02:00 DJ Storm
03:30 Pixelord

The CTM 2018 afterparty, co-hosted by Red Bull Music, celebrates the conclusion of ten non-stop turbulent festival days.

The second floor this evening features electronic solo projects from 33 and Han, two members of Duck Fight Goose, one of the best known bands currently propelling Shanghai’s nascent, alternative, experimental rock scene. Fascinated by the “complicated disaster of modern-pop music”, Han has found himself involved in every facet of underground music, from label head to booker/promoter, and brand marketer of his own guitar effect pedals. Much like in his work with Duck Fight Goose, or within his solo project, GOOOOSE, Han’s song structures rely heavily on stop-start dynamics or droning atmospheric passages and improvisation, in direct opposition to the locally favored saccharine pop punk. 33 likewise avoids Shanghai’s pop mainstream, creating metallic rhythmic tunnels that scintillate with cold promise.

Cairo’s ZULI, who will also be presenting his winning proposal for the CTM 2018 Radio Lab within the festival’s exhibition, will appear for a live set highlighting his unconventional broken rhythms and plenty of alien timbres.

As one of the Metalheadz label's chief selectors, the ‘First Lady of Drum and Bass’, DJ Storm, has been tirelessly representing the crew at their residencies, label nights, and tours as well as killing the dancefloor with countless solo gigs.

Closing the night, previously announced producer Pixelord assembles tributes to an imagined future with dystopian sci-fi / video-game aesthetics. His marriages of new IDM with UK bass and glitch range from the somber to the ecstatic.



Moscow-based artist Alexey Devyanin aka Pixelord has released on the likes of Leisure System and Infinite Machine. His most recent output is the IDM-influenced HUMAN.EXE, which appeared in 2016 on Hyperboloid alongside a short film by Dima Terem.


GOOOOOSE, formerly known as Han Han, is a Chinese artist who has released on SVBKVLT Shanghai and D-Force Beijing. He is a member of the Shanghai-based electronica outfit Duck Fight Goose.


ZULI is this year’s Radio Lab winner. For CTM 2018, he will create an installation using field recordings and 3D video footage from the streets of Cairo. ZULI is affiliated with the collective Kairo is Koming, as well as Lee Gamble’s imprint UIQ.


33EMYBW is a Shanghai-based artist with a penchant for peculiar, unsettling sounds. Many of their self-released tracks, such as “EMSYGYDL”, feature spurts of alien timbres, distorted vocal samples, and light, lilting rhythms.

DJ Storm[UK]

Drum & bass pioneer Storm needs little introduction. One of the most influential figures of the genre, her deft mixing and exclusive selection has earned her the nickname ‘First Lady of Drum & Bass’.

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