Uncanny Valleys of a Possible Future

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The CTM 2018 Exhibition, titled "Uncanny Valleys of a Possible Future," presents diverse artistic approaches – often playful, always political – that respond to CTM 2018’s Turmoil theme. Tension/explosion, apathy/engagement, regression/progress, peril/hope – these artists propose different ways by which to navigate the ongoing strain and unease of being torn between polarities.

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“Uncanny Valleys of a Possible Future” at CTM 2018 is funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe and the German Federal Cultural Commission. Supported by the Embassy of the Netherlands, the Embassy of Canada, and the Québec Government Office Berlin. ZULI appears within the context of the CTM Radio Lab, produced with Deutschlandfunk Kultur Hörspiel / Klangkunst, ORF Ö1 Kunstradio, ORF musikprotokoll im steirischen herbst, and supported by media partner The Wire.


Andrzej Wasilewski[PL]

Polish artist Andrzej Wasilewski construes electronic objects/installations, creates video-generated and painted images and designs, and records sounds. In the past 15 years of his creative work, he has built dozens of complex objects and electrical installations, from classic DIY structures to primitive creations to internet-derived models to programmable digital design.

Frédérick A. Belzile[CA]

Frédérick A. Belzile lives and works in Montréal. She makes experimental videos introducing narratives of bizarre and impossible events exploring our relation to space(s) and language, myths, and popular culture.

Peter Flemming[CA]

Peter Flemming is a full-time artist, part-time professor, and occasional curator based in Montréal who exhibits and works internationally. Research interests include ad-hoc architecture, intuitive physics, informal engineering, neuromimes, solar power, waste harvest, and saunas.

Anne de Vries[NL]

The work of artist Anne de Vries is diverse and combines different subject matter and media. It encompasses spoken word, sculpture, video, experimental photography, and large-scale installations. De Vries explores the relationship between technology, media, and mass experience and investigates the limits of human agency.

Guy Ben-Ary[AU]

Guy Ben-Ary is a Perth-based artist and researcher. He currently works at SymbioticA, an artistic laboratory within the University of Western Australia dedicated to research, learning, and hands-on engagement with the life sciences.


ZULI is this year’s Radio Lab winner. For CTM 2018, he will create an installation using field recordings and 3D video footage from the streets of Cairo. ZULI is affiliated with the collective Kairo is Koming, as well as Lee Gamble’s imprint UIQ.

Teun Vonk[NL]

Today in 2017, we can go days on end without being reminded of our bodies themselves, the primary function of which seems to be the transport of our head from one interface to another. In his work, photographer and video artist Teun Vonk creates works that directly feature and interact with his own body and the bodies of his viewers.

Zorka Wollny[PL]

Zorka Wollny is a composer and a theatre artist who creates site-specific works which respond to their architectural surroundings. She collaborates—in a director-like mode—with musicians, actors, and dancers and members of the local communities she works in.

Lawrence Lek[DE/UK]

Lawrence Lek is a Frankfurt-born simulation artist based in London. He creates site-specific virtual worlds and speculative films using gaming software, 3D animation, installation, and performance. By rendering real places within fictional scenarios, his digital environments reflect the impact of the virtual on our perception of reality. In many works, he uses simulation “as institutional critique”.

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