CTM 2014 – Dis Continuity

Welcome to the 15th anniversary Edition

The CTM team has rigorously engaged with all the ramifications of this year’s festival theme, Dis Continuity, to achieve what we believe to be our richest edition yet. Dis Continuity focuses on hidden connections between past and present musical experimentation by fostering dialogue between musical pioneers whose ideas and discoveries continue to influence how we create and experience music today, and a rising young generation of artists.

Adopting a less hierarchical approach, Dis Continuity reconstructs and re-imagines select threads of experimental and electronic music history. Thus it illuminates and contributes to a gradual evolution towards an increasingly open and dynamic concept of music that transgresses the barriers between scientific research, art, pop, academic culture, and various forms of artistic practice.

Widespread access to archival materials currently sparks new, creative ways of interacting with the past that challenge concepts of history and how it is transmitted. The 10-day CTM 2014 festival can at best only begin to convey an idea of how we can play with and (re)shape the ways that individual and collectives stories and ideas can be relayed. Here’s an overview of the 14th edition program, to help you find your bearings in a program that’s bursting at the seams:

CTM by Night

The festival’s nighttime music programme connects past, present, and future musical experimentation through several series:

  • concerts at the HAU1 & HAU2, which kick off each evening’s music programme, and focus on experimental and audiovisual performances that often merge worlds of performance and visual art
  • Berghain and Stattbad events, which lean towards club-oriented sounds and visuals without forgetting a healty dose of experimentation and surprises
  • And CTM’s collaborative concerts with transmediale, which take place at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt. 

CTM by Day

Transfer is the umbrella name given to CTM’s daytime programme, which bundles the festival’s daytime activities: 

CTM Opening Weekend

CTM will hold its Exhibition launch on Friday 25.01 with several of opening performances. The CTM 2014 Opening Concert takes place Saturday 26.01. at HAU1 and is followed by free performances at the nearby HAU2 venue, which also includes the opening of Dick Raaijmakers’ Ideofoon III installation and the Sound Exchange exhibit. The launch of CTM’s second installation, n_polytope: Behaviours in Light and Sound after Iannis Xenakis, takes place Sunday 26.01. at Stattbad.

Before the Festival

Leading straight into CTM and transmediale festivals, Vorspiel takes place from 22. – 28.01.2014 as a city-wide programme where a variety Berlin-based initiatives and venues invite the public to a series of exhibition openings, performances, interventions, artist talks, and special events all over the city.

After the Festival

CTM has, for the first time collaborated with a diverse range of researchers, journalists and artists in order to create the CTM 2014 Magazine. The collection of essays included in the publication provides deeper reflection into a selection of artists and programmes reflected within the 15th edition's programme.

Concurrently CTM is pleased to have launched a CTM Tumblr page, which will continue to be updated after the festival, providing lasting resources for further reflection on the 2014 Dis Continuity theme and future themes and ideas, as well as engagement with past and future participants.