Coral Foxworth[US]

Coral Foxworth aka FXWRK (pronounced “fox-work”) is a music producer/DJ, visual artist, member of KUNQ collective, and Global Director at SISTER.

#KUNQ is a North American multimedia collective at the intersection of underground music and contemporary art. At 1,600+ members, SISTER is the world’s largest global network of women and non-binary people in electronic music and nightlife. Since 2013, Foxworth has attracted an international following for her innovative, sample-heavy production style. She refashions bass, club, and trap music to create minimalist, ethereal dreamworlds.

FXWRK has played all over the U.S, with a base in NYC's underground. She's opened for acts like Le1f, Juliana Huxtable, and DJ Paypal; at events like PAPI JUICE, RBMA Festival NYC, Boiler Room NY, and more. She's been featured on NTS Radio, Rinse FM, RBMA Radio, and more, and has appeared in Fact Magazine, Resident Advisor, The Fader, Crack Magazine, and many other outlets.  

Since late 2015, Coral has been a leading administrator and Global Director at SISTER collective. The private, online platform has rapidly become a widespread, supportive industry network with a popular mix series, over ten events in three countries, a groundbreaking group compilation in 2017, and more. A long-time community leader, she is well known for her efforts to unite and support women and gender-non-conforming people in electronic music all over the world.

Beyond the Stage – Women Organisers in Music

Kunstquartier Projektraum, Tue 30.01.2018, 13:00

Mentorship presentations and best practice discussion hosted by Salt + Sass. With: Aimee Cliff, Alexandra Bondi de Antoni, Coral Foxworth, Gilke Vanuytsel, Keira Sinclair, Johanna Grabsch, Lauren Goshinski, Pamela Schobeß, Ruth Timmermans, Sarah Farina, Zuri Maria Daiß

Moderating On- and Offline Spaces

Kunstquartier Projektraum, Fri 02.02.2018, 15:00

Coral Foxworth, Lauren Goshinski, Luz Diaz, René Bosch, Smiley Baldwin, Stella Plazonja, Christine Kakaire