Charlotte Bendiks[NO]

Tromsø-based DJ and producer Charlotte Bendiks makes what she proclaims as body music, using house as a structure into which she weaves EBM, Latin grooves, and everything in between. Her DJ sets, which she has been crafting since her early 20s, are known for creating euphoric and sensuous states, reciprocating her audiences’ energy.

From 2007 to 2009 she organised numerous underground house parties called Moist. Her debut solo release, the Afterhours EP, came out on Mental Overdrive’s LOVE OD Communications label in January 2013, followed by the second Aurora EP a year later. Since then she has released Hidden Tracks on Coméme in 2017 and a split 12’’ in 2019 featuring the tracks “Hjemme Erotic” and “Bon Sexy.” Bendik’s productions reflect her explorative DJ sets, providing space for rhythms to slowly build and weave around vocal samples and synth melodies. She has performed at numerous festivals and clubs including Panorama Bar, the Nitsa Club in Barcelona, Todays Art Festival in The Hague, and Rockolectiv Festival in Bucharest.

In 2016 Charlotte Bendiks was part of SHAPE platform’s roster.



Deep Solace

Paloma, Sun 02.02.2020, 23:00

Rabih Beaini, Happy New Tears, Laura Diaz, Charlotte Bendiks, Zopelar, Peter Kirn, Nene H, Secretly Bovine


Panorama Bar, Fri 27.01.2017, 23:59

Front de Cadeaux, Charlotte Bendiks, Boska, Bjørn Torske, Diskjokke, Peggy Gou

Flows I

Panorama Bar, Fri 29.01.2016, 23:59

Charlotte Bendiks, André Bratten, HMOT, Buttechno b2b Low808, Rødhåd, Ateq