Panorama Bar, Am Wriezener Bahnhof, 10243 Berlin Map
Tickets: 12 € at the door


23:59 11:00

00:00 Front de Cadeaux
03:00 Charlotte Bendiks live
03:55 Boska live
04:45 Bjørn Torske
06:40 Diskjokke
08:40 Peggy Gou

The Norwegian Space Disco scene, an unlikely, sparkling cocktail of spacious, blissful sounds, was precipitated by a small but tightly knit community of artists and friends seeking refuge in sonic love against often isolating, harsh conditions near the Polar Circle.

Seasoned artists such as Diskjokke and Bjørn Toske resonate at the festival’s opening club night alongside next-generation producers Boska and Charlotte Bendiks, who will both present new live sets.

The showcase also extends to like-minded artists Front de Cadeaux, a duo cleverly referencing pioneer Belgian EBM group Front 242 that proposes its own brand of "Supreme Rallentato," a fucked-up slo-mo italo, acid, disco, and house hybrid. Berlin-based Korean DJ Peggy Gou brings a local touch to the evening with her signature vigorous mix of house.


Presented with Music Norway. Boska and Charlotte Bendiks are also presented with the SHAPE Platform, co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.



A space-disco ambassador out of Oslo, diskJokke helped introduce the city's innovative electronic music scene to the world alongside Lindstrøm and Prins Thomas. Born Joachim Dyrdahl, diskJokke was discovered by disco luminary Prins Thomas, who immediately signed three singles to his Full Pupp label. 


The diverse releases by Trømso, Norway’s Jon-Eirik Boska have been testaments to the producer’s trustworthy adaptability and keen ear. His prolific career has resembled a tour through, and mastery of, related but distant genres and styles: left-field house, vibrant techno, post-bass, nu-funky, future grime. Shesick, his latest EP on Trax Couture, balances intuition and inventiveness to channel ghetto house, ballroom and grime through the time scope of techno.

Front de Cadeaux[BE]

Spinning the wrong speed to hit all the right spots – Brilliantly named after the Belgian EBM pioneer group FRONT 242, Belgo-Italian producers Hugosan & DJ Athome have coined their own distinct druggy, slow, and dubby sound by playing specially selected 12-inch 45s at 33 rpm.

Peggy Gou[DE]

Berlin newcomer Peggy Gou is a DJ and producer whose sets run the gamut from classic Chicago house to Detroit techno, acid and more eclectic picks. Born in South Korea, Gou moved to London as a teenager and took up DJing and producing as a student at the London College of Fashion. 

Charlotte Bendiks[NO]

Tromsø-based DJ and producer Charlotte Bendiks makes what she proclaims as body music, using house as a structure into which she weaves EBM, Latin grooves, and everything in between. Her DJ sets, which she has been crafting since her early 20s, are known for creating euphoric and sensuous states, reciprocating her audiences’ energy.

Bjørn Torske[NO]

An old-school visionary heads south for winter to treat us to some prime mixing. Nedi Myra, better known as Bjørn Torske, was born in 1971 in Trondheim and grew up in Norway’s techno capital, Tromsø. The Norwegian mastermind is known for his trademark form of experimental house music. 

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