Grid Line

YAAM III, An der Schillingbrücke, 10243 Berlin Map
Tickets: 22 € (includes YAAM I & II)


23:59 07:00

00:00 Why Be
01:00 Purpurropurple
02:30 Rabit
03:30 Mumdance
05:00 Slick Shoota
06:00 Ticklish

The third stage at YAAM, curated by the WeBoogie collective, hosts a range of innovative takes on grime, juke, footwork, and bass.

The inaugural set by Why Be gives us a tour through the fringes of experimental dance and pulverizes with metallic, “macabre bangers”. His Snipestreet EP was put out by Halcyon Veil, a label founded by Rabit, who appears on the same stage. Emerging as a luminary in “tuff jams”, Rabit makes hard-edged, “subzero grime” that “turns clubs inside out” (FACT Mag). His work acts as an emotionally explicit site for the exploration of sexuality, gender, embodiment, and injustice.

Mad Decent affiliate Purpurrpurple zooms in on a host of subgenres, Mumdance, who appears at CTM for the second time, is at this point a household name in forward-thinking grime, while Slick Shoota lays out high-octane sets that draw inspiration from jungle and footwork. Lastly, frequent DJ Paypal collaborator and rabbit-masked performer Ticklish delivers a sunny grand finale of juke, footwork, and bass, or what Ministry of Sound called “blissed out BBQ music for the soul”.

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