A Sonic Portrait of the Funkhaus Nalepastraße

Kathy Alberici & Martha Jurksaitis – 2014

Photo by Nico Stinghe

Commissioned within CTM's Berlin Current programme for emerging musicians, multi-instrumentalist Kathy Alberici & analogue filmmaker Martha Jurksaitis present A Sonic Portrait of the Funkhaus Nalepastraße, using a mixed-media approach that captures elements of the history, ecology, and sound and visual environments of the home of the former DDR National Broadcasting Servicen.

Working with tape loops of field recordings, violin, synthesizer, and ring modulator, and joined by repeat collaborators Calvin Xang and Scotch Egg on guitar and bass respectively, Alberici’s musical score is deeply intertwined with Jurksaitis’ combination of archival and original footage projected via three 16mm projectors and a number of homemade optical effects.

Alberici and Jurksaitis explore much more than the unique environment of the Funkhaus – the clash of past and present, the power of aural memory, and music’s potential to change our perception of the visual (and vice versa) all become increasingly present as this slow-building work comes to a thunderous close.

About the Berlin Current Call

Established in 2013, Berlin Current is a CTM-led initiative which aims to identify and support emerging Berlin sounds. In 2013-2014, two artistic commissions were selected from 75 applications, and awarded to Kathy Alberici, who proposed to create a Sonic Portrait of the Funkhaus Nalepastraße in conjunction with analogue film artist Martha Jurksaitis, and to Owen Roberts for his project Recycled Hyperprism Plastik for Amplified Chamber Ensemble. In the spirit of the CTM 2014 festival theme, Dis Continuity, the Berlin Current Call for Works was addressed toward aspiring young music creators in Berlin who channel the experimental and innovative energy of past music pioneers, producing music and sound that defies mainstream musical conventions and breaks new creative ground. Both projects were mentored by veteran music producer Stefan Betke, and premiered at CTM 2014 Festival to great acclaim. Berlin Current is supported by Musicboard Berlin.