Berlin Current @ STUK

STUK Kunstencentrum, Naamsestraat 96, 3000 Leuven Map
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22:00 04:00

Moon Wheel
Dasha Rush
Born in Flamez
Sarah Farina

CTM is proud to present a Berlin Current showcase at Belgium’s renowned STUK arts centre, featuring several artists from the initiative's ever-growing roster. The new sound of the city - Berlin Current presents young, unconventional, and experimental pop music from Berlin.

The programme at STUK highlights Dasha Rush's dark, subsonic techno, Moon Wheel's improvisational experimentalism, future-bass proponent Sarah Farina, the murky post-techno of Ketev, and Born in Flamez, a transhuman experiment that straddles borders between gender and genre, presenting a kaleidoscope of possible musical futures.

Based on the campus of the University of Leuven (KU Leuven), STUK is one of Belgium’s leading arts support NPOs. STUK provides spaces, opportunities and funding support for multi-disciplinary artistic creation and presentation for domestic and international artists involved in development-oriented, innovative art, while also making long-term commitments to artists and collaborative projects. In addition to hosting two international festivals to highlight its activities, STUK supports a diverse year-round programme for works in theatre, dance, film, music and more.
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Berlin Current is a collaborative initiative from CTM Festival, Berghain, Boiler Room Berlin, BLN.FM, No Fear of Pop, and ICAS. Sponsored by the Musicboard Berlin.

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