Machine Woman


Russian-born audio and visual artist Machine Woman likes to envelop her audience with sparse, melancholic and at times cold electronic compositions. Inspired by late night listening to down beat electronic music mingled with post-punk, she walks the lines between techno and avant garde.

Now based in Berlin, Anastasia Vtorova strictly performs live. After debuting as Machine Woman back in 2014 on Tesla Tapes with a limited edition cassette, she teamed-up with Famous Moon King for her first album that came out on Ono the same year.  She then released the For Sweden EP on Peder Mannerfelt’s label, Peder Mannerfelt Produktion, late last year, after which her work began to gather notable attention, including a feature in Fact Magazine’s “10 House & Techno Producers to Watch in 2016”. Her latest EP, Genau House, was released by Where To Now? in May 2016 and included a remix by Kasse Mosse.

CTM & Lunchmeat present Berlin Current

Neone, Sat 17.09.2016, 22:00

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