Lief Hall


Lief Hall is a multi-media artist and musician from Vancouver, Canada, that currently lives in Berlin. Hall has toured with Grimes in 2012 as one half of pop-noir duo MYTHS, a project for which she also wrote an electronic opera.

The artist’s solo music has developed out of a practice in audio- visual performance art and experimental vocal composition, which is clearly heard in her first solo release, Voices (2014). Made up of a series of compositions which transform the voice through looping and layering, the album evokes dreamlike sonic landscapes which explore harmony, dissonance, texture, tone and rhythm

Hall has been developing a live audiovisual performance in support of a second album, due in early September. Her latest work takes shape as a series of dark electronic pop songs that merge the experimental dance music sensibility of MYTHS with ethereal layered vocals, exploring themes of love, identity, and fear in a post-human world.



ICAS Festival

various venues, Dresden, Mon 27.04.2015, 20:00

A festival of festivals, reuniting over 20 members of the ICAS – International Cities of Advance Sound network.

Berlin Current @ Norbergfestival

Norberg, Thu 30.07.2015, 00:00

Kathy Alberici, Lief Hall, Moon Wheel, KABLAM

Berlin Current @ First We Take Berlin

Urban Spree, Fri 05.09.2014, 19:00

Sarah Farina, Ketev, Moon Wheel, Lief Hall, Phoebe Kiddo, Opium Hum