Grischa Lichtenberger


Grischa Lichtenberger is an electronic music producer, visual and installation artist whose childhood in a withdrawn farmhouse in rural Germany shaped an artistic approach that places the landscape as reference for the condition of art production.

Lichtenberger understands landscape not only as the picturesque or sublime recreational facility of nature, but as an interaction between the traces of biographical history and the material concreteness of the present surroundings. The aggressive tone in his sound design has its counterpart in an emotional depth of the musical structure - a hermetic idiosyncrasy of rhythm and melodies that implement a personal handwriting into the arrangement and sculpture of the sound elements. His music aims towards a paradoxic parallelism of introspective moods on the dance floor and unsettling contemplations in an intimate listening situation.

In 2009, Grischa released his ~treibgut EP as part of the unun series on raster-noton, followed by his debut album and iv (inertia) in 2012. June 2016 saw the release of a collaborative record with Jesse Osborne-Lanthier on Shapednoise’s Cosmo Rhythmatic label. Titled Conversation Sur Lettres Mortes, the release is an excavation of the hidden possibilities of any given object through childlike play and holistic deconstruction.

Polymorphism #18 x Cosmo Rhythmatic

Berghain, Fri 10.06.2016, 23:55

Mika Vainio & Franck Vigroux, Shapednoise & sYn,  Jesse Osborne-Lanthier & Grischa Lichtenberger, Xosar, Container, Nina