Ame Zek


Modularity, transformation, sound generation and sucession are the keywords that can help open up one’s understanding of Ame Zek’s music as a kind of paradoxical exploration of "order in motion" – an order that remains intangible and cannot be caught. His idiosyncratic sound design makes impossible a hasty classification using known points of reference, thus opening the door to the rare pleasure of listening without allusions, comparisons, preconceptions.

Ame Zek’s boundless awareness is linked to his life trajectory. Born on the coast of Dalmatia in Croatia, he left the country in the 1990s ahead of an increasingly tenuous political climate in his homeland. In 2005 Ame Zek came to Berlin and quickly developed links with the local club, experimental, and improv scene, collaborating with the likes of Andre Vida, Kevin Blechdom, Clayton Thomas, Jamie Lidell, or Tim Exile.

Ame Zek has reduced his compositional strategies layer-by-layer, in a gradual process of learning through everyday music-making. Analogously, his technical setup has been steadily reduced, arriving at a setup consisting of a combination of Clavia Nord Micro modular synthesizers, Electron Machine Drum, and Midi processors. Rostfrei, his first full length album, released in June 2014 on Keep it Business, is therefore the result of a deeply conscious process of technical paring-down, where Ame Zek tests the limits of his machines and brings the aesthetics and intricacies of oscillating sound to the fore.

Monolake 2015 Live Preview

Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, Thu 20.11.2014, 20:00

Monolake 2015 Live Preview with Tarik Barri (visuals), Support: Ame Zek