The World After Tiepolo: America

Radialsystem V, Holzmarktstr. 33, 10243 Berlin Map
Tickets: 18 € / 12 € reduced


20:00 22:00

18:30 Introduction: Huges Dufourt in conversation with Martin Kaltenecker
20:00 Ensemble KNM with Liminar

Within the framework of the CTM Festival the Ensemble KNM invites all to the opening of the four-part concert series "The World after Tiepolo" which begins with an important fresco by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo and draws a lively arch which spans over into the present time. KNM will be accompanied by the Mexican ensemble Liminar, who also perform earlier in the week as part of CTM’s Mexico focus.

The evening’s programme will be shared between KNM and Liminar – each of the ensembles will perform its own repertoire and then collaborate on two pieces. "L’Amerique d’après Tiepolo" will be performed by Ensemble KNM Berlin alone. Liminar will perform four chamber pieces by the Mexican microtonal pioneer Julián Carillo, all of which are written for sixteenth-tone harp and several of which use quarter-tone guitar, flute, and strings, among other instruments. 1928’s "I think of you" features a solo voice part sung by Carmina Escobar, who also appears earlier in the week at HAU2. KNM and Liminar will join forces on a specially commissioned work by the Mexican-Dutch composer Juan Felipe Waller, "Dreizehn Kontemplationen gegen eine Intervention des Schalls 2017 (WP)" and on the piece "Form 1 (in memoriam Edgard Varèse)" by experimental California composer James Tenney.

The Radialsystem concert will be free for CTM Gold Pass holders.


Funded by Hauptstadtkulturfonds, with support from Impuls neue Musik, Goethe-Institut and Berliner Kulturverwaltung. A collaboration between RADIALSYSTEM V , CTM Festival, Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores / México, Deutsch-mexikanisches Kulturjahr, Ensemble LIMINAR, Eklekto Geneva Percussion Center und HfMT Hamburg, Institut für Kultur und Medienmanagement. Media partner: kulturradio rbb.



Liminar is a 20-piece ensemble founded in 2011 by vocalist Carmina Escobar and violist Alexander Bruck. The only independent ensemble of its kind in Mexico, it is dedicated to investigating the boundaries and liminal territories between music, performance, sound installation and improvisation.

Ensemble KNM[INT]

Berlin’s Ensemble KNM is a key part of the city’s lively contemporary music scene. Founded in 1988 by Juliane Klein, Thomas Bruns, and other students at Berlin’s Hans Eisler Hochschule for Music, the ensemble today consists of 10 musicians from Germany, Great Britain, and Switzerland.

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