Panorama Bar, Am Wriezener Bahnhof, 10243 Berlin Map
Tickets: 22 € (includes Berghain)


21:00 11:55

Foreboding cumbia, steadfast psychedelia and shape-shifting house and techno emanate from music lovers spanning from Mexico to Turkey.

Berlin guru TUUM will set the stage for an evening of contact with parallel universes.

NAAFI affiliate Siete Catorce warps memories of all-night, cumbia-infused family birthday and quinceañera parties with hypnotising sadness, rage and foreboding (Thump).

Istanbul’s veteran DJ and expert crate-digger Bariş K lays it on thick and slow with Middle-Eastern psychedelia and resolute cosmic disco.

Los Angeles's James Ferraro is a harbinger of newness and a central figure in the practice of music as criticism of / reflection on a post-globalised world. He will play a live set. 

Discwoman co-founder Umfang contributes amorphous polyrhythmic techno. The monthly resident at Technofeminism at bossa nova Civic Club has released by 1080p, videogamemusic and Phinery.

London-based club and radio DJ DEBONAIR displays her command of post-punk, coldwave, EBM, techno, italo-disco and classic house.

Greenland-born cosmic dance proponent Courtesy and Karima’s classic house infusions bookend the night.


Karima is presented with Music Norway. Siete Catorce is presented with MUTEK.MX.



DEBONAIR is a club and radio DJ based in London. She is as comfortable in the booth as she is in the studio and has developed a signature style that juxtaposes genres, eras and textures. She has been an integral part of the NTS Radio roster since 2011 and her bi-weekly, prime time show has gained a loyal following due to its command of post-punk, coldwave, EBM, techno, italo-disco and classic house.


Spinning high-impact techno, house and dark electro, Copenhagen DJ Courtesy characterizes her sound as "spacecraft techno." Despite her recent rise to prevalence on the European club circuit, Najaaraq Nicoline Vestbirk is no newcomer; originally from the remote island region of Paamiut, Greenland, she's been a mainstay of Copenhagen's tight-knit underground music scene for over a decade. 


Producer, DJ and Discwoman co-founder Emma Burgess-Olson aka Umfang was born in the Bronx, grew up in Kansas and has been living in Brooklyn since 2010. Her monthly residency Technofeminism at Bushwick’s Bossa Nova Civic Club focuses on emerging local talent and an affection for vinyl.


When she's not booking acts, Berlin-based selector Karima Furuseth brings her classic house infusions to dancefloors across Europe. The Norwegian-Algerian cut her teeth in Malmö’s electronic-music scene. Back in Oslo, she became a resident DJ at the renowned club Jaeger, where she honed her skills—and grew her music collection—with a weekly slot over two years.

Bariş K[TR]

Barış K is a veteran DJ and expert crate-digger from Istanbul who specialises in Turkish psychedelia and cosmic disco. Heavily influenced by hip hop, Barış delivered weekly shows on Istanbul's Dinamo FM and Açık Radyo for nearly ten years before turning his attention to the native sounds of his city. 

Siete Catorce[MX]

Marco Polo Gutierrez’s musical background is as rich and complex as his own personal history. His project Siete Catorce is at the forefront of ruidosón, a genre hybridizing European club sounds and new cumbia—think Mexican and Latin American dance music left simmering in pre-Hispanic, psychedelic, tribal darkness and served up with all the garnishes Ableton has to offer. 


TUUM is Brandon Rosenbluth, 1/2 of the shamanic power electronics duo Shaddah Tuum and co-founder of the Berlin-based avant label collective Portals Editions as well as the event series and online magazine UnReaL, in his guise as xorzyzt. TUUM DJ sets are a total immersion in alternate realities of sound, body and mind. Psychonauts welcome. 

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