Artist Talk: NAAFI

Kunstquartier Studio 1, Mariannenplatz 2, 10997 Berlin Map
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Paul Marmota and Zutzut in conversation with Luke Turner

In this artist talk, Luke Turner of the UK music review The Quietus speaks with Paul Marmota and Zutzut of the buzzed-about Mexican label NAAFI.

The Puerto Escondido-based initiative and collective, like Berlin’s Janus crew, assembles and absorbs musical trends from the world over at a steady clip, overseeing the production of styles from ballroom house to grime to Jersey club and tribal. NAAFI maintains a gaze outwards while staying loyal to its home soil; for its own parties, guests are often representatives of labels like Fade to Mind, Night Slugs, and others whose mercurial aesthetic matches that of its own artists. Paul Marmota, NAAFI’s A&R manager and one of its most valued producers, specializes in “future reggaeton”, dancehall, plena, house, and grime. He’s collaborated with Overdrive Infinity, Mixpak, Beats1, and NTS, and is one of the artists active in the NAAFI residency at the Mexico City’s Jumex Museum. On Saturday evening, at Werkstatt der Kulturen, Paul Marmota appears together with label comrade Zutzut.


Hosted by The Quietus


Luke Turner[UK]

Luke Turner is a writer and editor based in London. He is one of the founders of The Quietus, an award-winning and influential independent online magazine devoted to music, popular culture and the role of the arts in society.


Producer, DJ, and artist Alejandro Núñez aka zutzut is one of the most celebrated artists on the deviceful label NAAFI. Núñez grew up in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico, and belongs to a group of young producers in the Oaxaca region that is occupied with reconciling the club music conventions of European and U.S. American metropolises with the sonic inclinations of traditional cultures and site-specific subgenres.

Paul Marmota[MX/CL]

28-year-old Paul Marmota was born in Chile and moved to Mexico City in 2010. He is co-founder of the label and collective NAAFI. Upon his arrival in Mexico City, he began organising the earliest of the operation’s small club nights. Now, as the A&R manager, he is responsible for defining NAAFI’s eclectic output, and as a signed producer and touring artist, he personally represents its vision.

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