Alien Agency V: Urban Instrumentarium

Kunstquartier Studio 1, Mariannenplatz 2, 10997 Berlin Map
Tickets: 3 € / 6 € day pass (at the door)


18:00 19:00

Performance-lecture by Chris Salter with tamtam (Sam Auinger / Hannes Strobl)


An acoustic performative conversation between Chris Salter and tamtam (Sam Auinger + Hannes Strobl) using ethnographic field recordings and urban sounds gathered from three years of work listening to the urban instrumentarium with O+A (Bruce Odland and Sam Auinger).


tamtam (Sam Auinger / Hannes Strobl)[AT]

tamtam encapsulate their work with the sentence: "the sound environment is becoming the instrument, the instrument is becoming the sound environment." Their instrument is, for all intensive purposes, not only a sounding object that we are well familiar with, but also the space itself where sound lives – the acoustic and psychoacoustic fields that enable us to extend our accepted senses to hear the habitual and the everyday as something extraordinary.

Chris Salter[CA/QC]

Chris Salter is Director of the Hexagram Concordia Centre for Research and Creation in Media Art and Technology, Co-Director of Hexagram|CIAM, and Associate Professor in Computation Arts in the Department of Design and Computation Art at Concordia University, Montreal.

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