4DSOUND: Understanding Space Through Sound

Kunstquartier Studio 1, Mariannenplatz 2, 10997 Berlin Map
Tickets: 3 € / day pass 6 €


13:00 14:00

Lecture by John Connell

From the very beginning, ideas about space, spatiality, and concepts around perception and awareness have been central to the development of 4DSOUND – as a technology, as an artistic medium, and as a set of principles for exploring the nature of sound in new ways.

Sound is not only a medium through which we perceive the nature of space, but also a direct way of expressing our ideas, feelings and state within, and through, space. It could even be argued that "sound" is "space" and vice versa­ at the very least, we suggest they inform each other at a fundamental level.

4DSOUND’s creative director John Connell will discuss the collective’s plans to explore this topic through a hypothesis: that spatial sound represents a key evolutionary step, with the potential to influence a range of areas spanning new opportunities for artistic expression, to heightened awareness and even cognitive development.


John Connell[UK]

John Connell is a Berlin-based composer and media theorist with a deep interest in the way technology and media can alter perception, affecting the formation of our personal and social constructs both positively and adversely. His central focus is listening as a practice in itself: how our ability to listen opens up new levels of awareness about space, both the external and the internal, and the implications raised for art forms and social interactions.

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