Early Christian Chant and Cantata Grand Magnificat

Kunstquartier Studio 1, Mariannenplatz 2, 10997 Berlin Map
Tickets: 15 € (benefit concert)


19:00 20:30

Solo Benefit Concert by Iegor Reznikoff.

This very special benefit concert and the festival's only exclusively acoustic programme will act as the rich denouement of a day devoted to investigating themes related to archaeoacoustics.  Antiquity specialist Iegor Reznikofff will perform a programme consisting of selections of Early Gregorian chant (4th-11th Century) and his own composition, "Cantata Grand Magnificat". The performance features Reznikoff's exploration (with his unamplified voice) of the resonant properties of the space, which served as a chapel when the Kunstquartier was still used as a hospital.

Reznikoff gave his first concerts in the field of ancient Christian chant in 1975. Today world renowned, his fundamentally new interpretations of these ancient chants as well as his theoretical and historical research have since greatly influenced the understanding and interpretation of ancient Christian chants at large and that of Gregorian chant in particular. Above all he should be credited with the rebirth of the solo performance of many of these chants.

All proceeds from the concert's ticket sales will be donated to Caritas International for aiding refugees in Syria and Iraq. Please note that as this is a Benefit Concert, it is not included in any festival pass or accreditation.

The concert rounds off a full day of discourse programme events on the archaeology of sound in the same room, featuring lectures by Reznikoff himself as well as by Paul Devereux and Rupert Till, other leading figures in the field. The programme, which runs from 12h-17h, will also include an interdisciplinary panel discussion.


Iegor Reznikoff[FR]

Iegor Reznikoff is a well-known specialist in ancient music/early Christian chant and acoustic archaeology, with an interest in prehistoric caves and Romanesque and Gothic churches. His work — encompassing architectural and corporal resonance, sound therapy, ethnomusicology, and ancient music practices — is credited with helping to create a new concepts and approaches in sound anthropology.

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