MusicMakers Hacklab – Input II

NATIVE INSTRUMENTS Office, Schlesische Straße 29-30, 10997 Berlin Map
Tickets: Free entrance


17:00 18:00

"Being Human:Making and Creating with Biotechnologies" – lecture by Marco Donnarumma

DNA computing, organ engineering, reproductive technologies, and the quantified self. Human body parts and machine parts are taken apart and put together in such sophisticated ways that they uncannily conjure the bleakest cyberpunk fiction.

In the wake of the wild instrumental hybridisation of humans and machines, Marco Donnarumma will argue for the potential of biotechnologies as artistic means to critically explore what it means to be human. By undermining the idea that machines are merely devices that we must control, we can understand both human bodies and machines as configurable materials that yield creative and cultural empowerment.

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