Un Tell

Berghain Kantine, Am Wriezener Bahnhof, 10243 Berlin Map
Tickets: 14 €


22:00 01:00

Grumbling Fur, Phoebe Kiddo, and Mary Ocher form a quirky and prismatic
avant-pop trifecta in the Un Tell programme at CTM 2014. UK duo Grumbling Fur, the brainchild of Ulver, Guapo, and Aethenor member Daniel O' Sullivan and his collaborator Alexander Tucker, creates sun-refractive, psychotropic meta-narratives through acoustic, modified instrumentation and shamanistic vocal harmonies. Berlin Current artist Phoebe Kiddo adds syncopated rhythms, diaphanous synths, and copious sub-bass to the night, and idiosyncratic queen supreme Mary Ocher rounds out the programme as an embodied and continually evolving art project. The Russian-born artist has risen to prominence in European experimental music and the queer arts scene with acrobatic vocals, leftfield lyricism, and neo-pop assemblages of
krautrock, folk, garage, and computer-generated electronics.


Phoebe Kiddo[AU/DE]

Australian-born Phoebe Kiddo began cultivating a keen ear for multifaceted, expressive electronics in her native Melbourne, where she collaborated with improvisational trio K&M and founded the Racket showcase.

Mary Ocher[RU/IL/DE]

Mary Ocher is "possibly possessed by demons, perhaps by ghosts of deceased prophets". Born in Moscow in 1986 and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel, she has become a prominent performance personality in Europe over the past six years, creating garage-influenced avant-pop and participating in a freewheeling sweep of creative initiatives. 

Grumbling Fur[UK]

Grumbling Fur create psychedelic, psychotropic avant-pop that references the subterranean explorations of past British experimentalists such as Coil.

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