Ideofoon III

HAU2 Probebühne, Hallesches Ufer 32, 10963 Berlin Map
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18:30 01:30

POSTPONED to Mon 27.1. Opening of the installation by Dick Raaijmakers, introduction by Kees Tazelaar

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to unforeseeable circumstances, the installation did not arrive in Berlin in time. It will thus not open before Monday January 28.

Composer, theatre producer, theorist, and co-founder of the Art Science Interfaculty in The Hague, Dick Raaijmakers (1930 – 2013) pioneered work in the fields of electronic and tape music, as well as paving the way for innovative practices in both pedagogy and creativity in inter-media arts.

To commemorate Raaijmakers's recent passing on 4 September 2013, CTM is honoured to present his "Ideofoon III" installation, developed in the early 1970s as the last of three separate installations, consecutively named "Ideofoon I", "II", and "III". In linguistics, "Ideophones" are defined as words that evoke certain sensations, e.g. smell, colour, shape, sound, action, or movement; through his Ideofoon trilogy, Raaijmakers’s aimed to explore the voice of the speakers themselves. Whether using visible, concrete material such as metal balls in "Ideofoon I", or simply air waves in "Ideofoon III", each of Raaijmakers’s Ideofoons possess a unique voice, where the speakers activate themselves through feedback loops in order to "speak".

The presentation of "Ideofoon III" complements an exploration on Electronic Music Pioneers in the Netherlands within CTM 2014.


Ideofoon III is presented with the kind support of the European Union Culture Fund and the Mondriaan Fund. Thanks also to the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag for the installation loan, and to TodaysArt.


Kees Tazelaar[NL]

Kees Tazelaar is a composer and sonologist. In addition to his own works he has contributed to music theatre projects, and in recent years has worked intensively on the restoration and reconstruction of major electronic works from the past including pieces by Edgard Varèse, Iannis Xenakis, and György Ligeti.

Dick Raaijmakers[NL]

Composer, theorist and theatre producer Dick Raaijmakers (1930-2013) pioneered Dutch electronic/tape music in the 1950s. He founded the ArtScience Interfaculty in The Hague, was a noted essayist and author on sound, and was widely honoured for his contributions to music, theatre and the visual arts.

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