Interstitial Spaces

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Interstitial spaces also speak of concrete spaces—those that are supposedly unambiguous. Niches and in-between spaces are places of transit, transition, and change. In their indeterminacy they may welcome experiences of all kinds, but they also allow for the impossible and illusory to take hold. Sometimes they are functional spaces and, as such, places of a strange emptiness—of the inhospitable, of perseverance, of lingering. They speak of the Other, of what seems clear and unambiguous, raising questions, obscuring, and disguising.

The proposed artistic perspectives in this exhibition open up interpretations of in-betweens and thus, at the same time, question their opposite: the places that are supposedly concrete. It is thus revealed that unambiguity is arbitrarily produced through coexistence—in politics, culture, and society— arising from the power of consensus, from an agreement of many. Yet at the same time, it always produces its counterpart: the grey areas of the in-between.

The Interstitial Spaces exhibition takes the questions of CTM 2020’s theme beyond the margins of music.


Michael Wick[DE]

Michael Wick is a photographer and media artist based in Berlin. He graduated from Berlin's Neue Schule für Fotografie in 2019. His practice centres on the relationship between society and technology and internet subcultures. 

Sophia Bulgakova[UA/NL]

Sophia Bulgakova is an interdisciplinary artist born in Ukraine who recently graduated from the ArtScience Interfaculty in The Hague. Most of her recent works are created with the intention of exploring the relationship between light and perception, focusing on the individual abilities and ways of seeing.


NSDOS, aka Kirikoo Des, is a hybrid artist who works simultaneously across dance, music, and digital art.

Krista Belle Stewart[CA]

Krista Belle Stewart is an artist and member of the Syilx Nation currently based in Berlin, Germany and Spaxomin, Syilx Territory. Stewart works with video, land, performance, photography, textiles and sound, drawing out personal and political narratives inherent in archival materials while questioning their articulation in institutional histories.

Dana Gingras[CA/QC]

Dana Gingras is the renowned choreographer and dancer behind multimedia dance company Animals of Distinction. She has collaborated with cultural icons like William Gibson and Jenny Holzer. Musical collaborators include underground legends like Godspeed You! Black Emperor, The Tindersticks, Warren Ellis of the Dirty Three, The Tiger Lillies, Roger Tellier-Craig (Fly Pan Am), Le Révélateur, and Steven Severin of Siouxsie and the Banshees.

Anke Eckardt[DE]

Anke Eckardt is a sound and media artist based in Cologne. Her work includes cross-media installations, teaching, and research. She is a professor of sound at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne and deputy professor for sound art at the Academy of Music Mainz.

Wesley Goatley[UK]

Wesley Goatley is a sound artist and researcher based in London, UK. His installations, sound objects, and live audio-visual performances critique the common language and imagery used to describe data and artificial intelligence, and the power these symbols have in shaping the world and our understanding of it.

Nural Moser[UK]

Nural Moser grew up as part of the first Middle Eastern, mixed raced generation in Vienna, Austria. Her father immigrated from Syria to Austria in the late 70s, while her mother was from Vienna. 

Zorka Wollny[PL]

Zorka Wollny is a composer and a theatre artist who creates site-specific works which respond to their architectural surroundings. She collaborates—in a director-like mode—with musicians, actors, and dancers and members of the local communities she works in.


Calmspaces was founded in 2018 by Tena Lazarevic and Beer van Geer. Lazarevic specialised in architecture, while van Geer's background was in interactivity and digital media. Together they decided to combine efforts and focus on the development of Calmspaces.

Richard Garet[US]

Richard Garet works with sound and visual arts. His materials emerge from ontological investigations into background noise, and the decadence and decay of technological utilities. Garet seeks to invert the normative function of background noise from unconscious status to active presence. 

Pau Delgado Iglesias[UY]

Pau Delgado Iglesias is a visual artist and teacher. She holds an MA Culture Industry from Goldsmiths, University of London, and a diploma in Gender and Public Policies at Universidad de la República (UdelaR, Uruguay). 

Loïc Koutana[INT]

Loïc Koutana is a performance artist, model, and producer, also known as part of Brazil's Teto Preto. He also produces solo music under the pseudonym L’Homme Statue.

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