Sanni Est


Photo by Christian Gaul.

Sanni Est is a multidisciplinary artist and community organiser with roots in Brazil. Her experience in African-Brazilian drumming, dance groups, and later a frequent raver in Berlin mean that as an artist, her work merges different musical influences to create her own realm of soft darkness and rough joy through stark vocals and experimental music production. 

In 2017 she founded the avant-garde trans*feminist platform and festival Empower, which has been hosted at GlogauAir in 2018 and at Flutgraben e.V.—both granted funding by MusicBoard Berlin. 2018 saw her self-release her 10-track album, War in Her, which was nominated “Pop Album of the Year” by ACINPE in her hometown Recife, Pernambuco. In 2019, she exhibited art installations, gave lectures, and performed live in institutions such as Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Hebbel am Ufer 1 and 2, Zeughaus Mannheim, Gorki Theater, Weltmuseum Wien & more.

8 x 8 of Making a Difference

KQB Projektraum, Sat 01.02.2020, 16:30

Cashmere Radio, Circadian Rhythms, Empower Festival, mina/suspension, Nyege Nyege, Plus1, Xeno Entities Network, Wonderfruit, Daniela Seitz